‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dimitri and Ashley Have Officially Found Their Sister Wife!

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden have officially found their match. The Seeking Sister Wife stars were followed last season as they attempted to add a new wife to their family, but the prospect failed. This season, however, Vanessa Cobbs is all in with the family, and a beach proposal helped seal the deal.

The alternative family might be growing, but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect. In the most recent installment of the show, it appears as though first wife, Ashley, might have some reservations about Vanessa joining the pair, and an awkward encounter between Dimitri and Vanessa’s mother makes it clear that not everyone is exactly comfortable with the couple’s arrangement.

Why are Dimitri and Ashley looking for a sister wife?

The Snowden family has been of interest to Seeking Sister Wife fans because they are unique in their reasoning for wanting to add another wife to their family. Unlike other plural families, the Snowdens are not looking to expand their family for religious reasons.

Dimitri has a desire to have more children, while Ashley has no desire to ever be pregnant again. Ashley is looking for a friend in her future sister wife, while Dimitri, based on his emoji usage on Instagram, is looking to get busy with another lady.

Dimitri, Ashley and now Vanessa are also different from other families that practice the plural family life. While the Snowdens are in a long-term relationship, they are not legally married. According to Medium, the pair never made their union legal because they believe it would be unfair to additional “wives” coming into the family. They are seeking to avoid the hierarchy that has brought down other plural families, like the Browns of Sister Wives.

Why did Joselyn leave the family?

Last season fans watched as Dimitri tried to lock down Joselyn. Joselyn, however, was booted from the family when Ashley found out she and Dimitri had gotten busy without her consent. According to clips from the show, Ashley felt she had a right to decide when the couple could get intimate. While she agreed to a platonic one-on-one date, Dimitri took it much further; angering Ashley in the process.

The relationship didn’t survive long after. While Joselyn wasn’t the right fit for the Snowdens, they seem pretty serious about Vanessa. Not only did the family pick up and move from Georgia to California to be closer to Vanessa’s home base in Washington, but they’ve since asked the potential wife to join them in their new home.  The recent proposal means they are finished adding wives to their relationship, at least for now.

How does the family plan to make a sister wife work?

While Ashley and Dimitri have only been followed for two seasons, they’ve allegedly been hunting for a sister wife for several years. A previous love interest dropped the dirt on the couple in a Facebook post. The alleged ex-lover claims the Snowden’s are dysfunctional and may be hiding the real reason behind their desire to add to their family. The woman, who claims to have lived with the pair, suggests Dimitri is a serial cheater, and that Ashley may have an interest in a romantic relationship with her new sister wife, according to Soap Dirt.

Regardless of what an alleged scorned lover has to say, the family seems confident in their ability to make it work. Ashley looks excited to have someone to help her raise her kids, while Dimitri seems smitten with the new lady in his life.