‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dimitri Snowden Claps Back at Fans

If plural families sign up for televisions shows in hopes of painting polygamy in a positive light, they are failing miserably. Not only have the Sister Wives shown that plural living can be downright miserable, but the cast of Seeking Sister Wife highlights just how difficult it is to acclimate a new wife to an existing household. Between the Alldredge’s drama, Bernie and Paige McGee’s jealousy issues and the Snowden family’s runaway bride, viewers all seem to agree that polygamy isn’t that easy.

Fans of Seeking Sister Wife have taken particular issue with the Snowden family during Season 2. Their claws were sharpened after news that Vanessa Cobbs walked away from the family shortly after she married Dimitri and Ashley in a beautiful ceremony. So, what exactly are fans taking issue with when it comes to the Snowden family?

Fans think Vanessa was being used as a free babysitter

Ever since the Snowden’s first attempt at securing a second wife, fans have been suspicious of Ashley. Ashley doesn’t seem like sister wife material. The mother of three has noted that she’s interested in adding another wife to her family for help. The companionship of another woman seems to be pretty far down on her list of reasons for a plural life.

Once Vanessa moved in, many viewers thought Ashley was taking advantage of Vanessa’s good nature and desire to please the couple. She was seen more than once watching the kids while Ashley was nowhere to be seen, leaving some fans to question whether Ashley wanted a sister wife or a nanny.

Editing made it look like Vanessa gave up her entire life to make the Snowdens happy

From a special fornication diet, to moving from Washington to reside in the family’s home in California, Cobbs made a lot of changes for the Snowdens, but they didn’t seem to change much to welcome their newest wife. The family’s insistence that Vanessa follow an alkaline diet leading up to the consummation of the relationship rubbed fans the wrong way.

In short, an alkaline diet is an eating plan that is said to keep the body’s PH in balance. All animal products are completely prohibited during the diet, as are some nuts and legumes. Adherents eat a fruit and veggie-heavy menu. The Snowdens follow the diet in their home, but Vanessa didn’t seem onboard – that is until she was told it was the only way she would be getting any action.

The world cringed, Vanessa followed the diet, and all seemed to be well. Fans, however, worried that it is a solid indication that the Snowdens weren’t really willing to compromise for Vanessa’s comfort.

Dimitri Snowden claps back at fans

While Snowden is still healing from the loss of wife number 2, he isn’t taking criticism lying down. While he doesn’t seem to harbor any ill-will toward Cobbs, he doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan of viewers at the moment. Snowden took to Instagram to clap back at all the hate. He noted that he and Ashley made changes to accommodate Vanessa. He alleges the changes were just not exciting enough for television.

Dimitri’s explanation might be true, but fans are not buying it. The father of three did not go into detail about the changes that he and Ashley made while Vanessa was living with them in California. He did, however, remind fans that Vanessa is a smart, capable and vibrant woman who was free to make all of her own choices.