‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Fans Don’t Think Paige is Cut Out for Polygamy

The Seeking Sister Wife tell-all episode brought about a lot of bombshells. Not only did Brandy admit to getting frisky with Bernie on their first date, but Vanessa Cobbs revealed she’s since left the Snowden family. While Cobbs revelation was a big deal, the relationship between Bernie, Paige, and Brandy are all fans can talk about; and they are starting to wonder if Paige is cut out for the plural family life. The general fan consensus is a resounding no!

Fans think Paige is too jealous for polygamy

While Paige suggested that polygamy was her idea, according to Soap Dirt, fans can’t help but wonder if she’s really cut out for it. One Reddit user mused that Paige is the only polygamist who is only okay with the idea when there is no other woman involved.

Bernie McGee had also suggested that he had considered polygamy before Paige brought the idea to the table. He alleges he just didn’t mention it as an option. Fans think the lack of communication between husband and wife, and Paige’s inability to control her jealousy will ruin their chances of living a successful plural lifestyle. They have allegedly courted women before appearing on the show, but nothing has worked out long-term.

Seeking Sister Wife viewers ponder the reason behind the McGee’s interest in polygamy

Paige and Bernie have been married for years, but now they are ready to add another wife to the family, or so they say. Unlike most people who are exploring polygamy for religious reasons, Paige and Bernie are trying to become a plural family for practical purposes. Now that the couple’s two oldest boys are out of the house; they fear being empty-nesters. To deal with the potential of their youngest two flying the coop they’ve decided that adding a new wife to the family makes sense.

Viewers are skeptical that their reasoning is a sound one. In fact, most fans think Bernie and Paige have failed to thoroughly think through what adding another wife means. Fans are questioning whether they can successfully incorporate another woman into their lives. So far, they haven’t had much luck.