‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Is Dimitri Snowden Trying to Add Jordyn Woods to His Alternative Family?

By now everyone knows who Jordyn Woods is. The former bestie of Kylie Jenner found herself in a media firestorm when she hooked up with Tristan Thompson. Thompson, the NBA player who is better known as Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy, has a bit of a wandering eye. Him cheating on the famed Kardashian was no surprise, but the hookup with Woods sent the Kardashian clan and fans of the famous family into a tailspin. Now, it looks like another famous face might be trying to make his move on Kylie’s ex-BFF. That famous face is none other than Dimitri Snowden, of Seeking Sister Wife fame.

Why are fans obsessed with the idea of Dimitri Snowden and Jordyn Woods?

Dimitri Snowden is apparently on top of his Instagram game. While scrolling through his feed in early July, he spotted a photo of Jordyn Woods looking especially fly. The 21-year-old model posted the snap on July 8. The background of the photo is gorgeous, but it was no match for Jordyn’s free-flowing curls and simple white shirt.

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Snowden noticed and paid homage with three simple heart emojis. Fans saw the TLC star’s comment and were off to the races with theories about why he’d be commenting on the model’s picture, according to In Touch.

Snowden deleted the comment just as quickly as he made it, leading some fans to wonder if there is more going on behind the scenes. If Snowden was just admiring Woods beauty, why did he feel the need to ditch the comment?

Do Dimitri and Jordyn know each other?

Snowden was quick to delete his comment on Woods Instagram post, but the damage was done. Fans were off and running with the rumors. Not only did they theorize that Snowden was trying to add Woods to his alternative family, but they suggested that the pair might already know each other.

There is no evidence to suggest Woods and Snowden have ever actually crossed paths, but the reality TV star is on the hunt for a new wife, so you never know. Shortly after the Seeking Sister Wife tell-all episode aired it was announced that the wife the Snowdens had added to their family jumped ship.

Vanessa Cobbs, who married Snowden in a beachfront ceremony to cap the season, took to Instagram to confirm that she had parted ways with the family. She seems to be living her very best life ever since.

Where is Vanessa Cobbs Now?

After breaking the news to fans in April, Cobbs has kept her fans updated on her travels via Instagram. Shortly after the tell-all episode, Cobbs let fans know that she was down under with her sister. She spent a reasonable amount of time in Australia, before jetting off to Bali for, what appeared to be a vacation.

After Bali, she headed back stateside and shared a photo from Los Angeles. Just a few days back, Cobbs posted an Instagram story to let everyone know she was hanging out in Minnesota for the next week or so. Where she plans to land permanently is unknown, at least to the public.