‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Paige is Blaming her Brother, Patrick Marble, for Bernie’s Death

Paige McGee is grieving the sudden loss of her husband, Bernie McGee. The 41-year-old died suddenly while on a bike ride. Bernie and Paige had previously appeared on Seeking Sister Wife, a reality show dedicated to following polygamist families as they search for a second or third spouse. In her grief, the Mississippi native has taken to social media to blame her brother, Patrick Marble, for Bernie’s sudden death. Paige and her brother have a strained relationship that has erupted in arrests in the past.

Why would Paige blame her brother?

Shortly after Bernie’s death was made public, Paige took to Facebook to rant about her brother. She began her post by noting she and Patrick had not been in contact and he knew nothing of Bernie’s death. The post went in further, accusing Patrick of causing so much stress in Bernie’s life that he died. According to People Paige also called out her mother, stating: “Patrick and my mother having us arrested for not doing a damn thing wrong did this! We were financially put out for having to hire lawyers, investigators, and missing work for this bulls—.”

Paige’s post has since been deleted. There are also no posts referencing Bernie on Patrick’s social media accounts. Patrick did speak to TMZ regarding Bernie and noted that he was dropping the stalking charges in light of the sudden death. He also alleges he reached out to Paige a few weeks before Bernie’s death to try to smooth things over. It doesn’t sound like Paige accepted the olive branch, though. Paige finished her rant by stating that Patrick killed Bernie and that she hopes he burns in hell for it.

Patrick had both Paige and Bernie arrested earlier in the year

According to court documents obtained by Starcasm, Bernie and Paige were both arrested at their home after calling Patrick and another woman multiple times at both home and work. Previous reports have alleged the woman in the report is Patrick’s partner. The arrest happened in March, but the couple was due back in court on June 19. They both faced up to 1-year in prison if convicted.

Bernie had taken to social media to defend himself and his wife against the stalking allegations raised by her brother. According to Bernie, the entire situation was a huge misunderstanding that was blown way out of proportion.

Paige has alleged that her brother was angered by her involvement in the polygamist lifestyle and was actively attempting to get the couple fired from the TLC reality show. TLC did not fire the couple, although it’s unknown if they were planning to return for Season 3 of the show. They did not manage to find a second wife during their tenure on Seeking Sister Wife. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover Bernie’s funeral expenses.