‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Why Did Bernie and Paige Get Arrested?

Bernie and Paige McGee have plenty of drama to discuss now that the cat is out of the bag on Bernie’s physical relationship with Brandy, but the couple might have even bigger fish to fry. Back in March 2019, Paige and Bernie McGee were both arrested on stalking charges. The charges allegedly stem from a series of harassing phone calls that were placed to Paige’s brother, Patrick Marble.

What do the stalking charges mean for Paige and Bernie?

According to court documents available, Patrick and his girlfriend Nikki, headed to a police station in early March to file a complaint against both Bernie and Paige McGee. According to the document, McGee called her brother’s home, work, and cell several times over one hour.

Neither Marble nor McGee have made a public statement regarding the nature of those phone calls. However, Marble and his girlfriend told police that they were in fear for their lives. Rankin County police picked up both Paige and Bernie McGee. They were only held for a few hours before they were both released on $250 bond, according to In Touch

Newsweek notes that additional video of Bernie taunting Patrick Marble allegedly exists, but the nature of the video is not yet known. The couple was expected back in court to face a judge in April 2019, but further information about the charges are not available.

Who is Patrick Marble?

Marble, the brother of Paige McGee, has been putting considerable effort into bringing his sister down ever since she began appearing on TLC’s hit show Seeking Sister Wife. According to Newsweek, Marble has publicly posted comments Paige allegedly made to a fan regarding the fan’s child.

The comment pokes fun at the fan for having a child with Down Syndrome after the unnamed fan reportedly posted pictures of Paige and Bernie’s grandchildren online. The McGee’s have not commented on the posts made public by Marble. It’s authenticity has not been confirmed. 

Fans of Seeking Sister Wife have debated the merits of the Bernie McGee’s search for a second wife, and they’ve often been critical of Paige, but it looks like the internet is siding with her on this one. Reddit Users are wondering if Marble’s complaint is an attempt to garner attention. They note he seems to enjoy the spotlight and appears to have a longstanding issue with his sister, one that dates back to long before their premiere on TLC. Paige, however, is no stranger to altercations, as Brandy’s tweets suggest.

Neither Marble or McGee has commented on the reason for their fractured relationship. Marble, however, has been outspoken about his distaste for his sister, but many of his stories cannot be corroborated.