‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Will the Snowden Family Return for Season 3?

TLC has officially announced a casting call for Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife. While Season 2 imploded with several bombshells, the biggest one centered around the Snowden family. Dimitri and Ashley Snowden were sophomores on the show, failing to find love in Season 1 with their prospective sister wife, Jocelyn. Season 2 brought Vanessa Cobbs into frame, and everything seemed to be going swimmingly. Not only did the Washington-native put up with strange rituals and a series of awkward moments, but she eventually married Dimitri and Ashley in a beachfront ceremony. 

Their journey, while not a storybook romance was sweet in its own way. Well, that is until Cobbs announced that she had flown the coop and was officially living in Australia with her sister. The announcement made via Instagram left fans of the show stunned. Now that the dust has settled and both Cobbs and the Snowdens have made statements, fans are left to wonder if they will be returning for the third season of Seeking Sister Wife.

Will the Snowdens return for Season 3?

TLC has not confirmed who will be returning to the show for Season 3. The production company behind the show, however, did place a casting call for couples who are actively seeking polygamist partners. According to the Discovery Studios website, they are seeking both families looking to add a new wife to their family, as well as single women who are interested in becoming a member of a plural family.

Since the network is currently seeking new cast members, fans can assume at least one family is out. Hardcore fans of the show think that Bernie and Paige McGee won’t be returning to continue their search for a sister wife. The family, who currently reside in Mississippi were looking to add at least one wife to the family, but Paige’s jealousy thwarted the efforts. The couple was also arrested on stalking charges in March 2019.

The Snowden family was already talking about adding a third wife when they added Vanessa Cobbs to the family, so it’s very possible they will reprise their roles on the show; especially now that they are attempting to heal from the breakup of their plural family. Back at square one, fans would likely want to see what comes of the family and whether their efforts to add more women to their home finally works out. Two failed attempts, however, doesn’t bode well for the family.

Fans think the Snowdens are trying to propel an acting career

Fans who follow Dimitri and Ashley Snowden firmly believe the family is actually looking to boost their careers and, potentially, the careers of their children. In short, both Ashley and Dimitri seem committed to working in the entertainment industry. According to Reddit users, the family currently maintains an Instagram page specifically for their children. The page follows the three Snowden kids as they attempt to break into the entertainment industry.

It is possible that the family thinks appearing on the TLC reality show is a surefire way to break into traditional acting. Although some actors and actresses have parlayed their reality television careers into more mainstream acting gigs, the vast majority are relegated to reality television archives.