Selena Gomez and Other Popular Celebrities With Amazing Instagram Lookalikes

Does everyone have a lookalike? Some celebrities do. The resemblance these everyday people have with certain stars is on another level because it’s almost uncanny.

Thanks to Instagram, we can see photos from those who look exactly like these popular celebs and it blows our minds every time. From Selena Gomez to Jennifer Lopez, here’s a list of some doppelgängers that will surely blow your mind too.

Selena Gomez and Sofia Solares

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That is not Selena Gomez. It’s actually a woman named Sofia Solares and she’s a dead ringer for the “Hands To Myself” songstress.

Did we mention Solares sings too and some people think she sounds just like Gomez? As for Solares’ presence on Instagram, she has over 485,000 followers but still has a long way to go if she wants to catch Gomez, who is, of course, the most-followed person on the site with over 130 million followers and counting.

Jennifer Lopez and Janice Garay

Nope, that’s not Jenny from the block. It’s Jay from Houston.

Janice Garay looks so much like Jennifer Lopez, especially with her hair in a top knot. The only noticeable difference between the two when their hair is styled the same is that Garay is an athlete and therefore more muscular than the fit star, but she could definitely be J.Lo’s stunt double if needed. Garay has more than 156,000 Instagram followers.

Beyoncé and Brittany Williams

Hard to believe but that isn’t Beyoncé. It’s her lookalike, Brittany Williams.

One peek at Williams’ Instagram and you’d swear you were looking at Queen Bey’s page. However, as much as everyone else thinks she looks like the superstar, Williams doesn’t.

“I actually don’t think we resemble,” Williams insists. “She is a beautiful woman and so am I. But at the end of the day, God created her to be her and me to be me, and I love being me!”

Kim Kardashian West and Kamilla Osman

Love is a feeling proven by action. K

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This is not Kim Kardashian West’s face appearing in some type of ad. It’s Kamilla Osman who bears a striking resemblance to Mrs. West, so much so that in 2016 cameras caught Osman walking around town with Jonathan Cheban while filming Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

No, Cheban and the folks at E! didn’t get confused by who’s who because the real Kardashian West was spotted with them a short time later. But Osman even being there must mean that she was working with the reality star, perhaps as some kind of decoy for the paparazzi.

Lady Gaga and Amethyst Rose

This is Amethyst Rose, not Lady Gaga.

Rose is told on a daily basis by her more than 60,000 followers that she looks like the “Bad Romance” hitmaker. We’re wondering if Mother Monster is aware that she has a doppelgänger.

Taylor Swift and Laura Codman

No, that is not Taylor Swift taking a selfie with a fan. It is Laura Codman posing with a friend.

Codman is a British student and fan of Swift, who has always been told that she looks just like the singer. And, she really does from her hair cut and color right down to her red lipstick, which is, of course, Swift’s signature color.

Ariana Grande and Jackie Vasquez

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If you thought this was Ariana Grande, don’t worry — the singer’s family was fooled too.

This is her doppelgänger, Jacky Vasquez, and the two look so much alike that Grande commented on one of Vasquez’s posts to tell her that her cousin couldn’t even tell them apart. Wow!

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