Selena Gomez Was Body Shamed For Lupus Weight Gain, Reveals How the Negativity ‘Really Messed Me Up’

Selena Gomez has gone through a lot with her health but her lupus diagnosis wasn’t the only hurdle she had to overcome. There were also the judgmental haters who she said attacked her for the weight gain she experienced, something that she admits “really messed me up.”

selena gomez weight lupus
Selena Gomez | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Gomez shares how haters “attacking” her was devastating

In an emotional interview during the Giving Back Generation podcast, Gomez shared how she was body-shamed for gaining weight due to the medication she took to treat the disease. She noted: “I experienced [body-shaming] with my weight fluctuation for the first time. I have lupus and deal with kidney issues and high blood pressure, so I deal with a lot of health issues, and for me that’s when I really started noticing more of the body image stuff.”

She continued: “It’s the medication I have to take for the rest of my life — it depends on even the month, to be honest. So for me, I really noticed when people started attacking me for that. In reality, that’s just my truth. I fluctuate. It depends what’s happening in my life. That got to me big time. I think for me, that really messed me up for a bit.”

Gomez has discovered a healthy outlook about social media

Navigating the pitfalls of social media is challenging, but for someone in the spotlight, Gomez found that she has been a target for a lot of hateful trolls to unleash their negativity.

It’s been a learning curve for the singer/actress, as she admitted: “I’m very happy with living my life. Being in the present, because that’s it. Similar to me posting a photo then walking away, for me that’s it. I’ll do a red carpet, I’ll do whatever, I don’t need to see it. I did it. I participated.”

She continued: “I felt wonderful and that’s where the extent of it is. I don’t care to expose myself to everyone and hear what they have to say about it.”

Gomez shared her perspective on dealing with social media

Gomez also noted that she wants “people to have a good relationship with social media” because it’s “not going anywhere anytime soon.”

In order to realize that healthy relationship, she shared: “Knowing that the real world is in front of you and trying to pay attention to that is healthy. When I make an effort to post on social media or do what I’m doing, it’s important for me to make sure it’s 100 percent authentic and once I post it, I post it. That’s it.”

She explained: “I see so many beautiful girls and amazing different characters and then they’re just demolished by an image that they’re trying to chase. Their wanting to be a completely different person but that’s not what’s inside of them, you know? But I get it. I look at other people’s pages — or I used to — and I’m like, okay, I need to fix myself.”

She found support in her friends and faith, noting, “I think once I started to really understand my spirituality, and believing in something much bigger than myself was very important for me. Because I don’t believe that I can do this life alone.”