Selena Gomez Doesn’t Care That She’s Single — Actually, She Loves Being Alone

Selena Gomez was once one half of the ‘Jelena’ ship that made fans all over the world go wild. Known for her relationship with Justin Bieber, as well as her role in Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place the star quickly found fame and the scrutiny that goes along with it.

The two have gone their separate ways in life. Justin Bieber is happily twice married to his model wife, Hailey (Baldwin) Bieber. The couple first wed on September 13, 2018 and then again in 2019 with a more formal wedding all their friends and family could attend. Initially, fans were shocked over Bieber’s ability to quickly move on and into a new relationship.

Things had just recently ended for the long-term Jelena couple and many believed that Bieber was rushing into another relationship to mend his broken heart. When the couple split, headlines hit everywhere with accusations of cheating scandals, a long term unhappiness, and anything that could potentially end what appeared to be a happy relationship.  

However, since the breakup, Gomez has made it clear she is enjoying her solo life. Living it up and working hard on her health, upcoming music, and making sure to spend time with loved ones, she is finding happiness in being single. 

Selena Gomez is over Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez on the red carpet
Selena Gomez | Tony Barson/FilmMagic

The couple dated from 2011 through part of 2018, and were unable to mend their relationship after many trials of breaking up and getting back together only to break up one final time.

Since the split, Gomez has been linked to a few artists, like Niall Horan, but she hasn’t really broken any major dating headlines. Her main focus has been her career and finding a balance with living a newly structured routine for a healthy lifestyle. 

While the two were together, paparazzi and fans alike lived for the cute outings, matching clothing, and adorable relationship. However, each time the duo split it seemed drama filled the air like a bad movie.

Gomez fills her life with work

From partnering with Netflix and producing shows such as Living Undocumented to celebrating birthdays with friends, Gomez has made it clear how hard of a worker she is as well as how much she loves her work. She’s spending all the energy and effort she’d put into a relationship on herself and her career.

The young actress has taken action in involving herself in a multitude of shows across the Netflix platform, bringing more and more attention to her expanding talents. Each time she hits the screen, or helps produce a new series, fans are eager to watch and show their support.

13 Reasons Why, for example, spread across charts like wildfire when it was released. Having a meaningful impact all around the globe with its serious story-line.

A health scare helped Gomez find comfort in being alone

Gomez has spent the majority of 2019 focused on her mental health and taking care of herself, following a hospitalization in late 2018 for her mental and physical health.

Being treated for depression and learning to balance being in the spotlight at the same time has been difficult for the young star, but she’s handled it like a champ. Even sharing some of her struggles to bring awareness to the importance of health. 

Whatever new project Gomez is tackling in her world of fame, one thing is certain, she has moved on and moved up from her relationship with Bieber. And, while love is an option she is very open to, there’s definitely no rush. She’s enjoying the solo life and plans to continue falling in love with herself before anyone else.