Selena Gomez Is Taking 4 Years to Release a New Album — Here’s Why

Sometimes fans get a little impatient when they’re waiting for new music from their favorite artists, and that’s definitely the case for Selena Gomez‘s fans. It has been four years since the singer has released an album, and fans have been clamoring for any signs that she’s ready to give them a new one.

It’s perhaps understandable that fans would want to hear from their favorites (after all, some artists simply drift away). However, Gomez has opened up about why the wait has been so long and how fans are probably going to have to temper their expectations when it comes to a tour as well. 

Gomez’s last album suggested she needed time to grow

Selena Gomez on the red carpet
Selena Gomez | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

In 2015, Gomez released her second solo album. It was titled Revival, and the themes hinted at Gomez’s struggle to figure out exactly who she was and how she would fit into the pop music world. In a review of the album, Time suggested that Gomez worked to be whatever fans wanted her to be.

“In almost every interview around Revival, Gomez has claimed it’s a ‘fun’ record; the talking points are plentiful and conspicuously angst-free,” the magazine explained

On the title track, Gomez includes the lyrics “it’s my time to butterfly,” which suggests that she is looking to growth and the future. With an album that shows her trying to find her place in the world, it makes sense that it would be a long wait before the next one—the emergence from her chrysalis. 

She teased the new album in June 

In June, Gomez appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and revealed, quite casually, that the long-awaited album was “finished.”

She said there were some minor revisions left to do, but she left fans with the clear impression that their long wait for new music would soon be rewarded. 

That tease was finally followed up with a double dose of fan-pleasing songs. She first dropped “Lose You to Love Me” in early October, and then, not even 24 hours later, she shocked fans by dropping “Look at Her Now.”

Both songs became instant hits and are even battling one another for the top of the charts. 

The songs hint at the reason for the delay

If fans are wondering why it took so long to get this new music, the new songs provide some serious hints.

In her interview, Gomez told Fallon that it took a long time to feel like she was in a “good place” with the album because of all it represented to her.

“I had such huge moments that happened in my life personally that ‘how was I going to capture that?’ And how was I actually gonna feel good about what I was saying?” she explained. 

If her album is an attempt to capture all the ups and downs of her life, the lyrics in the two released singles provide some glimpses into just how complicated that can be. 

“Lose You to Love Me” is widely understood to be about Gomez’s very public break up with Justin Bieber. Bieber has since married and moved on, and Gomez’s lyrics suggest pain at feeling set aside so quickly.

Following up such a heartbreaking and vulnerable song with “Look at Her Now” seems symbolic of growth and recovery from that pain. 

“I want people to feel hope and to know you will come out the other side stronger and a better version of yourself,” Gomez explained when asked about her goals for the album. 

The full album is expected any time now, but that doesn’t mean that fans should necessarily expect to see Gomez back on tour. While she has finally gotten her album in that “good place” she struggled to find, she is still worried about the emotional turmoil of going on tour.

It looks like fans will just have to be satisfied that they finally get the new music they’ve been waiting for.