Selena Gomez Comments On the Netflix Documentary Series, ‘Living Undocumented’

It’s not easy living undocumented in the United States. Thanks to a Netflix documentary series produced by Selena Gomez, viewers get an inside look into living undocumented during the Trump Administration. During a YouTube video, “What I Wish You Knew: Living Undocumented,” the actress had a discussion with three teens from the documentary series. Here’s what we learned.

What is the Netflix documentary series, ‘Living Undocumented,’ about?

The documentary series Living Undocumented premiered on Netflix in 2019. This six-part series follows eight undocumented families across the United States under the Trump administration. The series was executive produced by Selena Gomez and gives an inside look into the lives of undocumented immigrants. Primarily this show follows teens who grew up in the United States.

Recently, a lawsuit broke out involving some of the people from Living Undocumented. During the documentary, a lawyer appears to be shoved by an ICE agent. That lawyer, Andrea Martinez is currently suing ICE for the assault.

Selena Gomez sat down with some undocumented immigrants to hear their stories

This singer and actress worked as an executive producer for the Netflix documentary, Living Undocumented. During a YouTube video for Netflix, Selena Gomez had a discussion with three undocumented children from the series. Some of those children had parents who were recently deported. The video, entitled “What I Wish You Knew: Living Undocumented,” discussed the hardships of being undocumented in the United States.

“A huge part of why I wanted to be a part of this is to also be a voice for so many people who can’t, and are terrified to speak about it. I don’t even think people realize that my family also has a background — my grandparents are immigrants and to just think about the life that I’ve been given and how blessed I am. My hope is that I see change,” Gomez says in the video.

During the YouTube video, the teens discussed their situations. One said that he kept his undocumented status a secret. Another shared that she was robbed and feared to call the police.

Netflix's 'Living Undocumented'
Camilo Dunoyer, Selena Gomez, Pablo Dunoyer, and Consuelo Dunoyer attend the Screening For Netflix’s ‘Living Undocumented’ | Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix

Others commented on the effects of this Netflix documentary

Both fans and those who worked on the series reflected on this inside look into living undocumented. During an interview with Buzzfeed News, Living Undocumented executive producer, and director, Aaron Saidman, said by creating the documentary and interacting with its subjects, he found himself “renewed by their spirit.”

“These are people that are really pursuing the American Dream and they’re doing so against such difficult odds,” Saidman said. “I expected on some level to be moved emotionally since these are pretty harrowing stories, but there is also an undercurrent of patriotism and optimism in their struggle to still want to stay here in this country and to want to be a part of the fabric of our society. I found it uplifting and inspirational in the midst of all the sadness.”

Fans can watch the video featuring Selena Gomez, What I Wish You Knew: Living Undocumented, on YouTube. Living Undocumented is available for streaming on Netflix. To learn more about how you can help undocumented immigrants, visit Global Citizen’s website.