Selena Gomez Surprises Fans With Another New Song ‘Look At Her Now’

When Selena Gomez makes a comeback she takes no prisoners. Just hours after her new song “Lose You To Love Me” premiered, she surprised her millions of fans with a subsequent song “Look At Her Now.” Whereas “Lose You To Love Me” is a slow, emotional, ballad, “Look At Her Now” is an upbeat, fun, dance number that is the perfect display of Gomez rising from the ashes and stepping into a new era.

Selena Gomez debuts another new song hours after her first
Selena Gomez | Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix

Selenators had barely recovered from their excitement from Gomez releasing “Lose You To Love Me” when she decided to treat them to another surprise. Taking to her Instagram page, she shared a clip of her new song “Look At Her Now.” “And here’s my special gift to all of my ride or dies! I created this with Apple especially for you. Y’all have been through it all with me and I thank you for pushing me to be the best. Look At Her Now is out now,” the Wizards of Waverly Place alum captioned the colorful music video clip.

Why did Gomez release back to back singles

It’s been several years since Gomez released a single where she was the solo artist. But, the Revival artist is making up for lost time by showcasing her incredible range of emotions with songs that directly mirror one another. But just why did the songstress decide to release these two new songs within hours of each other? In a pinned YouTube comment, Gomez expressed that she wanted to surprise her fans while also relaying an important life lesson. “I was so excited to release two songs back to back and surprise my fans! It’s a reminder that you can rise no matter what challenges life brings,” Gomez confessed.

Gomez’s heartfelt Instagram story message

And Gomez has certainly had her fair share of challenges. Fighting mental health issues and her autoimmune disease, lupus, has definitely taken a toll on her. Shortly after her first new song debuted, she took to her Instagram story to share a deeply personal message with fans about how her relationship with Christ has helped her through the dark times and into a new era where she is a stronger and happier person.

“I’m literally just laying down and thanking Jesus…Where my father has taken me and placing me is exactly where I am meant to be. He said to me ‘Selena hold on, I hurt when you hurt. I cry when you cry but I will NEVER, EVER leave your side. Work with me, walk with me and watch how I do it.’ He always surprises me and I re-fall in love with Him every single time. In my worst moments, like awful, most painful moments -I never stopped [sic] falling to my knees wanting and needing only His love. See the enemy keeps trying to tear me down and it’s just not gonna happen. Not today. Not the next…,” Gomez shared after releasing her new song.

Fans react on Twitter and YouTube

Fans of Gomez were already thrilled at the release of her first new song. But, after learning she dropped a second, they went into a complete tailspin. “I’m really SURPRISED!!!!!! LITERALLY IN TEARS NOW QUEEN SELENA ALWAYS WILL BE MY QUEEN AND SHE’S BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” one fan exclaimed on Twitter. “You’re the best Seli!!! You’re an amazing human, you deserve the best! God bless you!!! I love you!!,” another tweeted out. “SHE IS MY BESTIE, SHE IS MY QUEEN, SHE IS MY GIRL, SHE IS MY FAMILY,” one ecstatic YouTuber commented.

When does Gomez’s new album release

With all the commotion that Gomez has created with her two new songs, fans are even more excited about her upcoming album. Though Gomez has yet to officially announce the release date for her album, fans are expecting it to release before the year is out. We can’t wait to see what else Gomez has in store for her loyal fan base.