Selena Gomez Opens Up About Struggles With Anxiety In New Song with Julia Michaels

Selena Gomez & Julia Michaels | Instagram

Selena Gomez is back making music.

In a new song with Julia Michaels, Selena Gomez gets candid about the effects of anxiety and does not hold back.

After getting released from rehab, the singer has been busy at work making new music and this song is her most personal one yet.

The song is a powerful ballad

In this song collaboration, Selena Gomez lends her vocals to the track as she and Julie Michaels focus on the internal battles one goes through when battling anxiety.

The song dropped January 24 and fans have been loving to tell it like it is track! Julie Michael starts off the song then Gomez comes in after the 1:14 mark. You can easily hear the truth behind Gomez’s lyrics as she goes into how hard it is to ask for help when going through the struggles of anxiety.

“Always wanted to be one of those people in the room/ That says something and everyone puts their hand up/ Like, ‘If you’re sad put your hand up/ If you hate someone, put your hand up/ If you’re scared, put your hand up.’”

Just like Michaels sings in the chorus Gomez then goes into why she sometimes feels out of place. Feel like I’m always apologizing for feeling/ Like I’m out of my mind when I’m doing just fine/ And my exes all say that I’m hard to deal with/ And I admit, it’s true,” she sings.

Selena Gomez has been open about her mental health

The actress/singer has been candid about her mental health since she sought treatment for her depression and anxiety for the first time in February 2018.

Gomez then returned to treatment after experiencing a mental breakdown in October. While seeking treatment, Selena Gomez took a break from social media and just recently resurfaced after a few months.

Earlier this month, Selena Gomez returned to social media reflect on her past year as well as all of the personal challenges she overcame.

She shared a black & white photo of herself with the caption, “It’s been awhile since you have heard from me, but I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and to thank you for your love and support. Last year was definitely a year of self-reflection, challenges, and growth. It’s always those challenges which show you who you are and what you are capable of overcoming. Trust me, it’s not easy, but I am proud of the person I am becoming and look forward to the year ahead. Love you all.”

Selena Gomez could not have gotten through 2018 without those close to her and has constantly looked towards those individuals to get her through the tough times.

Since completing treatment, Gomez has been surrounding herself with close friends and Julie Michaels is one of those friends.

The actress/singer took to Instagram to thank Michaels for her support and to give fans a little insight into what their new song is about.

Gomez wrote, “My sweet soul sister. Julia, you have been a huge part of my life. You have taught me how to have courage when I have self-doubt. This song is extremely close to my heart as I’ve experienced anxiety and know a lot of my friends do too. You’re never alone if you feel this way. The message is much needed and I really hope you guys like it!”

With constantly being surrounded by friends and also having a life coach, Selena Gomez is doing better than ever.

With the release of new music and doing things that are better for her health, Selena Gomez is on a path of greatness with amazing friends by her side!