‘Selling Sunset’: Who Might Leave the Show If Season 4 Happens?

Selling Sunset premiered in 2019, and the show has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent months. Season 3 came out on Netflix in early August, and now fans are excitedly looking forward to the next season.

Whether or not there is a season 4 remains to be seen. However, based on what we have witnessed in the past several episodes, there could be some cast changes happening should Selling Sunset get renewed.

Selling Sunset
Cast of ‘Selling Sunset’ | Netflix

What are the chances of ‘Selling Sunset’ getting a fourth season?

So far, there have been no words about Selling Sunset officially getting a fourth season. However, some members of the cast and crew are positive the show would be picked up by Netflix again, though COVID-19 is making things a bit more difficult.

In early August, Christine Quinn told Grazia, “Usually we get picked up after the show airs, you know, we’ll hear some information, some rumblings. With season two being in the top ten [on Netflix], I think we’re definitely going to get picked up. But everything has been setback due to COVID. We’re going to shoot next year, now, I’m hearing.”

The show’s creator, Adam DiVello confirms this as well a few weeks after Quinn’s Grazia interview.

“We don’t know [if we will get the greenlight]. We’ve all been scratching our heads about that,” DiVello told Variety. “Netflix has other shows that are in production or are ramping up, and I think that we’ll have to follow their protocol… We have a really small crew on this show, believe it or not. It’s typically under 40 people so I don’t think we’d have a problem social distancing or keeping six feet apart from one another.”

Who might leave ‘Selling Sunset’ if season 4 happens?

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Even if season 4 does happen, there are some rumors that the cast might not be the same. The first three seasons have not seen many changes—the only huge event was the addition of Amanza Smith to Oppenheim Group’s roster. However, things could get shaken up in the near future.

For one thing, Davina Potratz has expressed a few times that she could start her own brokerage since she has a broker license. Season 3 saw her having conflicts with several people at the Oppenheim Group, including owner Jason Oppenheim. Not only that, but Potratz ran into frustrations while trying to sell a $75-million house. As such, there are rumors Potratz might leave the company soon and finally start her own brokerage.

Another cast member who might leave is Maya Vander. In season 3, she often expressed hesitation about working in Los Angeles. Vander’s husband and children live in Miami, so she usually splits her time between the two cities. However, after witnessing Chrishell Stause’s explosive divorce, Vander noted on the show that she should perhaps spend more time with her family. She even approached Jason Oppenheim about opening up an Oppenheim Group office in Miami, but he turned her down, leaving fans to wonder if she might leave the company for good.

Yet, Vander recently denied rumors that she is leaving the company and the show.

“No, I’m not leaving. I’m staying with Jason [Oppenheim],” Vander told People. “I’m actually working with a few potential, very good clients with him in L.A. Just focusing on Miami a lot, but I have a couple of pretty interesting clients that I might have to make the trip to L.A. for.”

Who could join the show?

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Whether or not Selling Sunset might lose a few cast members is still unknown. On the other hand, though, season 4 could see someone new join the show.

Heather Rae Young’s fiancé, Tarek El Moussa from Flip or Flop, has been mentioned numerous times on Selling Sunset. He has never appeared on the Netflix series due to him having a contract with HGTV, but Young revealed in August that El Moussa had been granted permission to be on Selling Sunset, albeit for a little bit.

“Netflix and HGTV came to an agreement that Tarek is allowed to film an episode with me next season [on Selling Sunset],” Young said, as reported by Express. She also added that she is “so excited” to finally have her fiancé appear with her on camera.