‘It’ Sequel Might Feature the Macroverse, Director Andy Muschietti Says

It will not be taking us into the dimension where the titular creature comes from, but the director says that he’s considering going there in the sequel.

In a new interview with Yahoo Movies, director Andy Muschietti says that he left the transdimensional material from Stephen King’s book out of the new movie for several reasons, one of which was because he wanted to focus on the emotional journey of the kids.

“I also wanted to leave something for the second half, so I didn’t want to get in trouble with that – going into the macroverse or that transdimensional stuff – and keep it grounded, from the point of view of the kids,” he added. “…There’s another movie to expand into that.”

Muschietti added that on a practical level, depicting another dimension on screen would eat up half of the budget of the movie, and so he steered clear of doing so until the second installment. At the same time, it’s unclear just how extensive Muschietti’s depiction of the Macroverse might be, as he says that he wants to respect the mystery of Stephen King’s book.

“In the book the perspective of the writing…is always with the Losers, so everything they know about Pennywise is very speculative and shrouded in absurdity, so I wanted to respect that mystery feeling of not knowing what’s on the other side,” Muschietti told Yahoo.

In Stephen King’s novel, there’s a section in which the creature talks directly to the reader and explains that it comes a dimension located between our universe and others out there known as the Macroverse. Later, Bill performs a ritual that allows him to enter the Macroverse, where he comes across an ancient turtle who explains how to defeat It.

An earlier version of the new 2017 film was to play up these science-fiction elements and involve the characters stumbling upon an inter-dimensional portal, according to Birth Movies Death. But the final version of the movie does not feature any of this and does not include a look into where It comes from. According to the director, that was mostly due to budgetary concerns and the desire to preserve the mystery and leave things for the sequel.

If It performs as well at the box office as it’s expected to, Andy Muschietti should have no problem securing the budget necessary to explore the Macroverse in the sequel. After all, the film is currently expected to gross up to $60 million in its opening weekend, according to Deadline.