Why So Serious? Celebrities Who Never Smile on the Red Carpet

You would think showing off their smile is something Hollywood celebrities don’t mind doing or at least are used to doing, since they are in front of cameras all the time. But some stars just don’t bother smiling — even on the red carpet when they are being photographed.

While some celebs do flash us their pearly whites all the time, these stars almost never do. Here’s a list of those entertainers who always look so, well, miserable.

1. Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen poses at the Met Gala

Mary Kate Olsen | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Chances are you haven’t seen many photos of Mary-Kate Olsen smilin,g and she has a reason for it.

“I don’t want my picture taken,” the actress-turned-designer told Entertainment Weekly. “The only time I think it’s OK is at a red-carpet event or a photo shoot. So every time I see paparazzi, I cover my face so they don’t get a picture, and I’m just ‘the mean person who doesn’t smile.'”

We understand that, but it doesn’t explain why she looks so upset on red carpets then.

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2. Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen poses in a black outfit

Ashley Olsen | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

The Olsens are not grouped together in our list because, after all, they are two different people. Two different people who never seem to smile, that is — at least not when they’re out in public.

Like her twin sister, Ashley Olsen always has a look on her face that says anything but happy. In fact, the closest she comes to smiling is when she gives us that pouty-face pose.

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3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio attends the screening of National Geographic Channel's "Before The Flood" at Bing Theater At LACMA on October 24, 2016 in Los Angeles, California

Leonardo DiCaprio | Mike Windle/Getty Images

There have been times where Leonardo DiCaprio smiled on the red carpet but it’s rare, especially lately. Most of the time when the Oscar winner shows up to such events, he looks bored.

He has been in the business since he was a child so maybe bored is just how he’s feeling at these functions anymore.

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4. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham attends a dinner in her honor organized by Vogue at the Santo Mauro Hotel on January 18, 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

Victoria Beckham | Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

If you can’t recall the last time you saw Victoria Beckham smiling, you’re not alone. Some of us don’t know that we’ve ever seen it. But the singer-turned-fashion designer insists she not mad at the world (even though she looks it). Posh Spice has said that despite not smiling all the time she is actually a happy person.

“If I really was as miserable as I look in some of those paparazzi pictures, my children wouldn’t be as happy as they are. And I certainly wouldn’t be married anymore,” she told Vogue Netherlands.

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5. Sean Penn

Sean Penn poses for photos at a benefit dinner for 'Rebuild Haiti'.

Sean Penn | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for J/P Haitian Relief Organization

Sean Penn has been in the film industry for quite some time, so while it’s not impossible to find a photo or two of him cracking a bit of a smile, there are many more of him looking like he wants to fight someone.

He’s a serious, two-time Academy Award winning actor, so perhaps that’s just his game face.

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6. Angelina Jolie

Actress/director Angelina Jolie arrives for the 23rd annual Critics' Choice

Angelina Jolie | Jean-Baptise Lacroix/AFP/Getty Images

Angelina Jolie is another one of those celebrities who prefers a stone-faced look over a nice smile. The actress does light up when she’s speaking about her children.

But for the most part, when the paparazzi flashbulbs are going off, she opts for less emotion.

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7. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp in 2013

Johnny Depp | Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

Is it just us or does Johnny Depp look grouchy these days? The last few years have been a little rough for the Pirates of the Caribbean star, which might explain why he’s got that look about him now.

Maybe once he gets all his financial and legal woes in order, he’ll start smiling a little more.

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8. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley attends the Chanel Fine Jewelry Dinner

Keira Knightley| Angela WeissAFP/Getty Images

Keira Knightley always has the same red carpet expression on her face, and it’s not a smile. The actress is more known for showing a pouty face instead of her teeth.

Since we seldom catch Knightley grinning at star-studded events, you’ll have to watch one of her movies to actually see her smile.

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9. Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig poses in a black coat

Daniel Craig | Adam Berry/Getty Images for Sony Pictures

Someone get Daniel Craig a drink, shaken not stirred, because we’d love to see him flash a smile. Just because he’s best known for playing the role of James Bond doesn’t mean his facial expressions on the red carpet always need to mimic the serious ones of a British Secret Service agent.

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10. Kristin Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart | Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Kristin Stewart hardly ever smiles in public, but she wants the world to know that she’s perfectly capable of doing it. She just chooses not to.

“I can do it,” she told Jimmy Fallon in 2015, before adding it’s a different story “whether or not I smile at you.”

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11. Edward Norton

Edward Norton attends the 10th Annual CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute

Edward Norton | Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Over the years, Edward Norton has flashed a smile here and there on the red carpet, but most of the time he looks miserable and like he’d rather be somewhere else.

The Fight Club actor is a very private person, so perhaps he just doesn’t like doing such public events.

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12. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian in Paris

Kim Kardashian | Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images

The reality star who people love to hate almost never smiles in photographs. Kim Kardashian has one simple reason why she avoids grinning and that is wrinkles.

The reality star revealed as much in 2014 when social media users were asking why she looked so serious and sad all the time. Kardashian responded by tweeting out a photo of her smiling and laughing with a friend and captioned it, “See I do smile … even laugh on occasion. Not too often though because it causes wrinkles.”

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13. Kanye West

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West attend the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

Kanye West | Larry Busacca/Getty Images

So, we know why the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star doesn’t smile, but what’s her husband’s excuse? Kanye West never smiles — in fact, he does just the opposite when cameras are on him.

We know he isn’t the biggest fan of the paparazz,i so either it’s that or he listened to his wife about the whole wrinkles thing.

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14. Bella Hadid

 Model Bella Hadid attends as Victoria's Secret Angels

Bella Hadid | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret

When Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid are on the red carpet together, Gigi usually always flashes a smile, but her younger sister does not. So why the long face all the time? Believe it or not, the model said she isn’t always comfortable having her picture taken.

“People always tell me I seem mean or intimidating on social media,” she told The Guardian. “But I really love engaging with new people. I feel uncomfortable, sometimes, smiling in front of the camera.”

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15. Eminem

Rapper Eminem

Eminem | Pierre Andrieu/AFP/Getty Images

You’d be hard-pressed to find a photo of Eminem smiling. The rapper never grins when having his photo taken. Instead, he always looks so serious with that me-against-the-world face.

But really, we’re so used to it now that it would be news if he actually did smile.

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