Seth Meyers’ ‘Lobby Baby’ Makes a Joke Out of People’s Favorite Netflix Feature

Netflix comedy specials may be plentiful nowadays, but few comedians employ creative touches to make their shows interactive. Leave it up to Seth Meyers to make that happen, even though his interactive twist is a “Skip” button.

While Meyers is known for lambasting President Trump into the ground as much as Stephen Colbert does in late-night TV, the former understands some people are probably getting their fill. Perhaps it’s arguable late-night shows are well beyond a Trump fatigue syndrome, outside of audiences still guffawing at the daily shots.

In Meyers’ Lobby Baby Netflix special (which debuted November 5), he gives the viewer a skip button to pass over his Trump jokes if nobody wants to hear them. Akin to Netflix’s “Skip Intro” button, perhaps he’s set a new editing system for comedy specials on the platform.

This is Seth Meyers’ first Netflix comedy show

Seth Meyers on the Late Night show
Seth Meyers | Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

After all these years sitting in the driver’s seat of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host has never taken time out to do a comedy special. The schedule of Late Night is likely far too grueling anyway, hence the long wait to make his debut on Netflix.

At least Meyers took his time to find a creative concept before going to all the work. Reviews are already very positive, if also calling out some of the cuteness overload the show managed to pack in. Part of this deals with the show’s title: His wife gave birth in a real theater lobby.

One thing nobody knows exactly is how many decided to press the “Skip” button on Meyers’ Trump jokes. At least he had the astuteness to understand how much the world is fed up listening to Trump headlines day in and day out for the last several years.

How interesting would it be to see a poll indicating how many people used this skipping feature? As usual, Netflix probably wouldn’t bother to release this information considering they don’t even release ratings data on their shows.

Apparently Meyers isn’t tired of doing Trump jokes

Since Meyers is a literal Trump joke machine every night on Late Night, he reportedly says he’s never tired of politics. Hearing him say this may be hard to believe for many when most comedians would feel burned out to a crisp after three solid years. Perhaps Meyers really is tired of it, though can’t say anything because it’s his bread and butter.

What he might have done is set a new precedent for those who want to skip over political jokes on other shows, specials, or even on cable news. Maybe CNN or Fox News would never offer a skip button for their political diatribes since they’re talking politics 24/7.

Many other comedy specials, though, do go into politics, perhaps leading to a major turn-off with streaming viewers.

Because politics dominates virtually everything, most comedians may start going back to talking about real life rather than going on political rants as everyone sees in late-night and on shows like HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.

This still doesn’t answer whether anyone used that skip button. What if it was revealed most people didn’t?

People tune in to the comedians they want to see

When viewers tune into Seth Meyers, most people realize he’ll be cracking political jokes. The good news is his Netflix special isn’t entirely about Trump. As the reviews say above, there’s also plenty of near family-friendly moments (albeit being rated TV-MA) as polar opposites from the darkness of Trump references.

If the media had access to skip button results, many would probably find out most people don’t use it, because they already know who Meyers is as a comedian.

Most likely, we haven’t seen the end of the skip button. There may be other ways to use it beyond skipping political jokes. One thing for sure is when people pay for Netflix, they aren’t going to skip anything they’re paying good money to watch.