Seth Rogen Reveals The Favorite Thing About His Mother Sandy

During Seth Rogen‘s appearance on Watch What Happens Live he was given a chance to deliver a “Mazel” of the day to his mother Sandy who happened to be one of the evening’s bartenders.

Seth appeared alongside Long Shot co-star Charlize Theron whose mother also manned the bar along with Sandy. Host Andy Cohen played a number of rousing games with the actors and their moms. Including one where Seth had to guess if a tweet had been written by Sandy or not. He pretty much nailed every answer. Plus hearing the tweets read aloud confirmed where Seth gets his funny bone.

Seth Rogen |Photo by Marc Piasecki/WireImage

Toward the end of the evening, Andy allowed Charlize and Seth to deliver a “Mazel” to their mothers. The actors had to name what was the favorite thing about their mom.

This was probably a hard question to answer

Seth and his mom seem to be super close so picking just one thing had to be a tough one. A quick glance of Sandy’s Twitter feed shows that she is a very proud mother.

Sandy often posts about whenever her son makes an appearance or when one of his projects is being released. “I finally saw “long shot” last night,” she recently tweeted. “It really was amazing! So so funny! So heartfelt! Good acting! Great plot! It really was enjoyable.”

She also uses Twitter to joke with her son too. Recently she posted a photo of a payphone. “Saw this. Thought of my son.” Hint, hint, Seth. On Seth’s birthday, she tweeted lots of love. “happy birthday to my baby ! Love you !!! [plus tons of heart emojis].”

But he was able to give the best answer

When Andy gave the actors an opportunity to “Mazel” their mothers Charlize asked Seth to go first. “She travels all over the world,” Seth says gesturing to his mom behind the bar. “She comes to visit me, and comes to the premieres of my movies. They travel to visit me. I love that.”

Seth isn’t kidding. Sandy often posts from different locations and regions. She recently posted some lovely sunset shots from Vancouver. Then she posted a picture with her husband on Laguna Beach. Last night she was in New York City.

Charlize also offered a sweet tribute to her mother too. “I don’t want to get sappy on your show,” she said to Andy. Meanwhile, both Seth and Andy said, “Do it!” So Charlize said that she loves that she and her mother get to co-parent.”I don’t think we talk enough about it, the value of the relationship a grandparent can bring to a child, “Charlize said.

And maybe someday…

The Rogens could still take that trip Below Deck too. During the holidays Sandy got sucked into a Below Deck marathon. She tweeted, “I just watched about a million ” below deck” s why ????!!!!! 

Seth Rogen at the Summer TCA at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 27, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Hulu)
Seth Rogen at the Summer TCAs in 2017 | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Bravo picked up on the action and extended an invitation to the family to become charter guests on a season. Sandy and pretty much the rest of the family was into the idea. But Seth didn’t think he was up to the task.

In 2015 he told Andy that he likes Below Deck but wasn’t a fan of the guests. “I do like Below Deck. I think the moral of Below Deck is, if you rent a yacht, you’re a douchebag. A huge piece of garbage,” Bravo’s The Daily Dish recounts. “Because that’s the moral of every episode, [it’s] like, they’re trying, they’re dressing up like f***ing idiots for these people, and then no one’s happy enough.”

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