Seth Rogen’s Mom Is at It Again: Now Dad Wants to Go on ‘Below Deck’ Too

Sandy Rogen Twitter

Ever since Seth Rogen’s mom, Sandy posted about getting sucked into a Below Deck marathon over the holidays, fans have been salivating over the notion of the Rogen’s going on the show.

Sandy got drawn into a Below Deck marathon and couldn’t resist tweeting about it. “I just watched about a million ” below deck” s why ????!!!!! Why!!!” She must have totally been in the weeds with the show. Her tweet dropped around 2 am.

Her simple tweet ignited a storm of comments with fans from everywhere begging Sandy and family to be Captain Lee Rosbach’s next group of guests. “@Andy get this gal to the Bravo Clubhouse,” one person responded.

Bravo wants the Rogen family

Bravo caught wind of Sandy’s tweet because the media company extended an informal invitation. “Should the Rogen family be our next charter guests? We’re into it.”

A number of fans were also into it. Sandy even responded she was totally down to be on the show. Seth dropped a comment too. “There’s no way we’d tip enough,” he wrote. “Like we are so crazy there isnt a tip big enough?” Sandy quipped.

Then Sandy wrote, “We dont dress nice enough.” But added, “Sounds good to me.” Plus she wrote, “Many of the rogen’s are into it.” Fans begged the family to go on the show and only a few thought it would be a bad idea. Even chief stew, Hannah Ferrier chimed in, commenting that she’d love the Rogen family to be her guests.

Sandy re-ignites the ‘Below Deck’ quandary

Should they or shouldn’t they? Below Deck is about to wrap for the season. The reunion is scheduled for next week. But apparently, Sandy must have gotten her husband, Mark on board with the show too.

Sandy recently tweeted, “Got husband to watch below deck with me. Yea , now he wants to go ..” Clearly, Sandy and (now) Mark are hooked on the show like the rest of us.

Again, fans were hyped at the notion the Rogen family would consider going on the show. One person thought perhaps Seth could get his parents to make a move. “@SethRogen make this happen,” one person urged. Another person wrote, “Omg please do it please please please. And just knit and drink the whole time.”

She received this invitation too

This time a casting director saw Sandy’s tweet and couldn’t resist. “Hi Sandy, Saw your AMAZING tweet and had to reach out! I’m actually a casting producer seeking charter guests interested in being on Below Deck: Thailand. Happy to chat if you and your husband are curious about more details!  has my email! Don’t be shy =).” Thus far, Bravo and the Rogen family haven’t publicly commented on whether or not this could be a reality.

However, Seth wasn’t shy about how he feels about charter guests. When he appeared on Watch What Happens Live in 2015 he offered host Andy Cohen his opinion. “I do like Below Deck. I think the moral of Below Deck is, if you rent a yacht, you’re a douchebag. A huge piece of garbage,” Bravo’s The Daily Dish recounts. “Because that’s the moral of every episode, [it’s] like, they’re trying, they’re dressing up like f***ing idiots for these people, and then no one’s happy enough.” The Rogen family saga continues.

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