Several Fan Favorites are Surprisingly Absent from Marvel’s Phase 4

A lot of news came out of Hall H during San Diego Comic-Con, but once the excitement of Marvel’s most significant announcements settled, fans were left with the distinct impression that Phase 4 was going to lack some of the cinematic storylines that they had been lusting after. Kevin Fiege announced a lot of upcoming titles from Marvel Studios, but several of the fan-favorite characters seem to be sitting this one out. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, though.

Spider-man and the Avengers are going to be taking a breather

The success of Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home have fans desperate for the studio to continue the storylines. While that will happen eventually Spider-Man and the Avengers will be taking a break during Phase 4, at least as far as movies go.

According to CNN, Marvel has a game plan for Phase 4 and Phase 5. When Phase 4 is completed in two years, additional stories will have been weaved into the universe, allowing for more theatrical releases. A reboot of Blade, for example, is expected to serve as the foundation for Phase 5.

A lot of time is being invested into series that will further drive MCU plotlines

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a complicated web of characters and ongoing storylines. To drive the universe forward, it looks like Marvel will be investing in television series. All are likely to be housed on Disney’s upcoming streaming service. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was announced during Comic-Con. The series promises to advance the story of Sam Wilson and Captain America.

A show centering around Hawkeye will also be featured on the new streaming platform, according to Variety. What If?, an animated series that will explore the first batch of movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe will also allow several major stars to reprise their roles, even if just in voice form.

Fans think Marvel is making way for the Dark Avengers

While fans won’t be seeing the Avengers on the big screen during Phase 4, some fans believe the MCU is planning the introduction of the Dark Avengers. According to Esquire, the Dark Avengers first appeared in comics in 2009. Formed by Norman Osborn, they developed following the Skrull invasion.

With the addition of the Skrull in Super-Man: Far From Home and the most recent announcements from Marvel Studios, the Dark Avengers could be in the making. A Reddit user has outlined how popular characters could easily take on the Dark Avenger roles. The user notes that Red Guardian would be a prime candidate for the Dark Captain America.

The user notes that a dark Thor role could also quickly be filled. They suggest “…Eternals is introducing a pantheon of gods who could have one take the role and fill the ethereal, mysterious, and powerful role that Thor does. Shang Chi will introduce some high-level magic and could have a magical character mimic Thor. Dr. Strange 2 will deal with the multiverse and more high magic level characters.”