‘Sex and the City’ Actress Kristin Davis’s Forgotten Appearance on ‘General Hospital’

To some, soap operas feel like a low form of entertainment. Detractors say they’re sudsy melodramas only watched by people with nothing better to do. Kristin Davis of Sex and the City would be among many actors who would disagree. 

Lots of famous actors got, if not their start on soaps, a key early role that helped hone their craft. The list of such actors ranges from Mark Hamill to Julianne Moore to Sarah Michelle Gellar. And it includes Kristin Davis, who was on not one but two soaps. 

What did Kristin Davis do before ‘Sex and the City?’

Kristin Davis on the red carpet
Kristin Davis | Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

One of Davis‘ very first acting gigs was on General Hospital. Although soap operas have been disappearing in the last few years, General Hospital has hung on for a more than impressive 57 with more than 14,000 episodes in the can. In 1991, Davis played Nurse Betty Chilson, who was a minor character. Davis also made a guest appearance on ER in 1995.

That was the year that Davis broke through with Melrose Place. That may have aired in the evening, but few would have disagreed that was a soap opera along the lines of Dallas and Beverly Hills 90210 (all the versions of either). She left Melrose Place when her character, villain Brooke Armstrong Campbell, met her end in a car crash. 

Davis steadily worked through the rest of the 90s, working her way through NBC shows like Friends, Will and Grace and Seinfeld. Then came the gig that came to define her: Charlotte York on Sex and the City

How did Kristin Davis stand out on ‘Sex and the City?’

Davis’ Charlotte was the kind of good-natured, overachieving character who still sometimes stood in  the shadows of others. Her character tended to be less vocal and flashy than her compatriots. Sarah Jessica Parker was the lead and the most well known of the bunch, so the show naturally gravitated toward her. Kim Cattrall’s flashy character stole all the scenes and Cynthia Nixon was the cynic with the force of personality behind her. 

Davis told EW, “Our first day on the set, Sarah Jessica had this big thing of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and she invited me to her trailer. She [said], “Let’s hang out and get to know each other.” We had 18-hour days, so we bonded pretty quickly. The most famous person on the set, you take their lead.

Still, it wasn’t all fun and games. Asked about what she didn’t like about the show she pointed to an episode titled “Are We Sluts?” She said,  “I have a least favorite! There was this one time with this guy I’m having sex with had to shout, ‘b**ch, wh**e,’ in my face,” she said. I”I really, really hated. I hated it. I hated it so much.”

Kristin Davis holds out hope for a third movie

Of course, Davis still loved the show enough to come back for both of its theatrical features. Cattrall has famously said she wanted nothing to do with a sequel in general and nothing to do with Parker in particular as story after story circulated about a feud between Cattrall and Parker.

Even after that seemingly sequel-killing exchange, Davis still held out hope for a Sex and the City 3. She was particularly grateful to the show for pulling her out of the throes of alcoholism, and she would still like to see some kind of third movie still take place. 

“In my heart, it’s never too late, really,” she told People. “I’m an optimist, obviously. And I’m only speaking for myself. We did Sex and the City for so long, and we did love it so much.”