‘Shahs of Sunset’: Inside Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid’s IVF Pregnancy

Fans of Shahs of Sunset know that Mercedes Javid, better known as MJ, has wanted a baby for a while. Now that the star is finally pregnant and just a few weeks out from her due date, she is opening up about the struggles of being pregnant and what it took for her to conceive.

How did Javid conceive?

The road to pregnancy has been a long and winding one for Javid. She and her husband, Tommy Feight, decided to use in-vitro fertilization to have a child.

“When you do IVF, you take progesterone shots and medication for almost a month leading up to your [embryo] transfer,” she told People. “You are basically pumping yourself up with hormones. That made me gain weight, it made me very moody, it made me feel not my usual self. It is something people don’t know, or maybe they don’t talk about.”

Before she was able to have the embryo transferred, her doctors found polyps on the lining of her uterus and had to remove them. This process pushed back the date of the embryo transfer to Aug. 23 of last year.

And even after the transfer, Javid wasn’t sure if the procedure worked.

“We had that grueling 10-day waiting period when you’ve done the transfer but you don’t know if it worked, and you just have to wait until you are 10 days in so it will show up on a blood test,” she told the outlet. “We basically just hung out, stayed super calm and positive and laughed a lot and waited until we went in and got the blood test and urine test.”

Backlash to Javid’s pregnancy

Though the couple was so excited to conceive, fans of the reality show haven’t been as nice as they had hoped.

“A lot of people on social [media] have already come at me for faking my pregnancy,” she revealed. “My face doesn’t look pregnant, my nose doesn’t look swollen, my bump isn’t big enough, I am using a surrogate, I am making this up for attention.”

But the negative comments haven’t ruined Javid’s pregnancy experience.

“I don’t mind the shaming, I just think it’s very odd that so many people would think a woman would make a choice to lie about something so important,” the reality star told the outlet. “I think if I get mom shamed, I’m not going to care … if anyone wants to mom shame or bully someone in general, they should bully me because I won’t be affected.”

What will Javid and Feight name the baby?

Javid and Feight’s baby will be here in just a few weeks but the couple hasn’t been able to get on the same page about the child’s name.

“I’m going to make it a win-win for both of us,” she said of their differences in name choices. “I am going to make sure Tommy is happy, and I want it to be a name that is culturally acknowledging his Irish side and my Persian side. I want it to be a name that will be beneficial for someone to have throughout their life, because it is part of your identity.”

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