‘Shahs of Sunset’: Reza Farahan Calls Season 8 ‘Juiciest Season’ Yet, ‘Insanity’

Shahs of Sunset may be in its off-season right now, but that doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of drama. Reza Farahan and Mercedes Javid have been at odds lately, amid Javid’s recent health troubles, so fans already know there’s drama on the horizon

But, in case they weren’t already sure, Farahan confirmed that Season 8 is going to be absolutely wild. In fact, he says it’s “insanity.”

Where do Reza Farahan and Mercedes Javid stand?

Fans of Shahs of Sunset know that Reza Farahan and Mercedes Javid have had a rocky friendship, to say the least. The two have often been at one another’s throats, but it always seems as if they manage to pull their friendship back from the brink. 

It seems that things are different this time. Reza Farahan says this time, the two are totally through. In fact, Reza Farahan has an active restraining order against Javid’s husband following threats and vandalization. 

“At 2:18 p.m. on 5/19 he called and threatened my life by phone and at 2:34 p.m. he vandalized our home,” claimed Farahan in court documents obtained by The Blast. 

“I can never be friends with her again, because first she sent her little minion to come do her dirty work, then, in my opinion she sent her husband to come vandalize my property and threaten my life,” Farahan told People.

“What’s next? This is now beyond reality TV, this is real-life stuff that I’m dealing with. I’m dealing with restraining orders, and I’m dealing with thousands and thousands of property damage. This is stuff that you can’t go back from. You can’t undo this,” continued Farahan, before revealing that Javid has yet to apologize to him for what happened.

Are Reza Farahan and Adam Farahan still together?

Meanwhile, fans have also been concerned about the Shahs of Sunset star’s relationship with his husband, Adam Farahan. While it previously seemed as if the two might have been headed for divorce, it seems the Farahan couple has mended their rifts.

“He wasn’t feeling appreciated, and I was so focused on myself and doing work that I forgot that I have a husband and he needs attention as well,” explained Adam Farahan during the Season 7 reunion.

“And I wasn’t giving that to him, and I also wasn’t acknowledging the amazing things that he was doing for both of us,” he continued.

“That just started this downward spiral for me, and I said I wanted a divorce,” added Reza Farahan. Luckily, the two were able to patch things up. But that doesn’t mean Season 8 won’t feature tons of drama.

Reza Farahan calls Season 8 ‘Insanity’

If Reza Farahan is to be believed, Shahs of Sunset fans better buckle up for Season 8. Farahan claims it’s going to be the wildest season yet on the show. 

Reza Farahan told Life & Style, “It’s not the juiciest season yet, I think it’s going to be the juiciest season of any show on Bravo ever. Period. It’s insanity!” 

“Oh my God. Literally, this was the hardest summer of my entire life,” he added. “There were so many fires and explosions,” he explained. “I cried, screamed, I literally — lunatic status. It was insanity and I don’t ever want to go through it again, but it’s been memorialized, I understand, on film.”

As for the general feeling of the season, Reza Farahan says it will be somewhat nostalgic. “Literally like take it back old school and set it on fire is actually what it is now,” he said.