‘Shameless’ Season 10: How Can the Gallaghers Possibly Survive Without Fiona?

When Fiona (Emmy Rossum) packed up her bags and got on that plane to who-knows-where in season 9 of Shameless, we still didn’t believe she was truly leaving the show. It took one Google search to confirm that it’s true — Rossum is on to bigger and better things. 

Let’s look at how the loss of their lead character is going to affect the next season of Showtime’s highest-rated show.  

Was leaving Debbie in charge of the Gallaghers really a good idea?

When Fiona left Shameless in season 9, she gave Debbie (Emma Kenney) $50,000 to use for the family. From the trailer, we can see that, although she is divvying out the money to her clan, she must be keeping plenty for herself. 

The trailer cuts to a scene where Debbie is looking around at an enormous amount of new clothing and shoes in a storage unit. It turns out, she might not be the best one to look after the gang. 

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This discovery brings about several other questions as well. What exactly does she plan to use the new clothing and her new look for? How will this side hustle affect her daughter and the rest of the gang? 

One thing we are sure of is that she is still a Gallagher and that means dysfunction at its finest. 

Frank and Lip might have a tough time raising a child without Fiona around to help

When we left off in season 9, both Frank (William H. Macy) and Lip (Jeremy Allen White) were about to become fathers. We can see from the trailer that the whole family is together again for the arrival of Lip’s new baby. 

We have seen Lip’s parenting skills and they are actually adorable. He has taken great care of his brother, Liam on many occasions as well as his ex-girlfriend’s son, Lucas. More recently, he was the caretaker for Xan in season 9, so we are not too worried about Lip becoming a father. 

Emmy Rossum
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Frank, on the other hand, does not have a great track record. Who will raise this new little Gallagher with Fiona out of the picture and Lip caring for his own baby? We can only hope that Fiona will return and save the day.

How will the Vee and Kevin storyline fit into the show?

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Fiona is the main connection between bar owners Vee (Shanola Hampton) and Kevin (Steve Howey) and the Gallagher family. Vee and Fiona have always been best friends who occasionally have a crazy night out on the town together. 

We also have seen the couple worked into the storyline at their bar, the Alibi. However, season 9 left off with both Frank and Lip working on their sobriety. Who will be left of the Gallaghers to frequent the establishment and keep Vee and Kevin as part of the show? 

There are so many areas of Shameless that hav ea big void where Fiona used to be, that we find it hard to believe the show will go on without her. We will just have to wait and see how things play out in season 10 when it premieres on Showtime on November 3, 2019, to truly know if the Gallaghers will make it without her.