3 Things We Learned From Shane Dawson’s First Installment Of ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star’

After a year of waiting and an exciting trailer, Shane Dawson’s first installment of his new docuseries, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star has finally arrived.

While it does promise the juicy behind-the-scenes reactions to drama in the beauty community, the series will focus on showing how to build a beauty product from the ground up.

Dawson also opens up about some of his fears related to the beauty community, including how they’re going to judge him; and he also gets honest about his fear of dying.

Additionally, viewers will see how hard Star works to retain his extreme wealth as Dawson tries to learn a few pointers from him to help his business acumen. What happened in Part 1 of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star?

Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson | Rob Kim/Getty Images

The series will focus on building beauty products from the ground up

As Jeffree Star announced at his Morphe event, Shane Dawson will launch his first beauty product, an eyeshadow palette. The series will show every step of his creation from an idea on a notepad to ordering shipments, including costs, something that’s never been done before.

He also has several questions about the beauty community and wants to know why it’s so “chaotic” and drama-filled. Additionally, Dawson wants to handle his money better and make better business decisions, so he plans on learning from Star; the person who’s built an empire and is living large.

However, the 31-year-old is terrified of the beauty community because it’s “very looks oriented,” and he doesn’t believe he “has the looks.” Therefore, Dawson is nervous that drama channels will rip him apart for his clothing choices and weight.

He opened up to Star about his fear on the plane, and the cosmetics guru claimed his fans still support him after they’ve seen him “cut open” and at his worst, assuring Dawson he would be fine.

Shane Dawson is very afraid of flying

When Dawson lay in bed with his fiance, Ryland Adams, he admitted he was terrified of flying on the private jet that Star arranged for him. He said he researched it and found out that private jets crash more often because they’re smaller.

On the way to the plane talking to Andrew, Dawson further explained his fear, saying he’s gotten more fearful of flying as he gets older because the YouTuber is afraid of dying before he has the opportunity to raise children.

Even though the pilot didn’t wholly calm his fears, the fact that he’s flown several times without crashing pacified the YouTube star until he landed to meet Star.

When Dawson flew back home, his fears seemed all but gone as he didn’t ask the pilot several questions or look around terrified, but instead sat in a seat calmly on his phone.

Why Gabriel Zamora and Manny MUA’s infamous middle finger picture upset Jeffree Star

Before Dawson met up with Star, he saw that YouTuber Gabriel Zamora tweeted a picture of himself with fellow beauty YouTubers Nikita Dragon, Laura Lee, and Star’s ex-best friend, Manny MUA where they’re sitting on the ground holding up their middle fingers.

The photo’s caption read, “B***h is bitter because without him we’re doing better,” which Zamora admitted was a dig at Star because he thought the cosmetic guru was mean to his friends.

Jokingly, Dawson asked Andrew if this meant he had beef with the other YouTubers since he and Star are working together. But on a more serious note, he wondered why the beauty community was so filled with drama.

At Star’s Morphe launch, there are also photos of other Morphe collaborators including Jaclyn Hill and Manny MUA on the store’s walls. Dawson then asked Star how he felt about having to see MUA’s face during his launch, and Star admitted that while he genuinely loved the YouTuber, their friendship is over.

He also said Zamora apologized for partaking in the photo but explained it hurt him so much because Star and Dawson just ended their first series and then the cosmetics guru had a huge successful signing right afterward.

Because he was on such a high, the unnecessary drama was a blow to him. Stay tuned to Dawson’s documentary series to learn more about the James Charles drama and the business of beauty.