Are Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, and Rich Lux All Behind Drama YouTube Channel, ‘Spill Spesh?’

YouTuber Shane Dawson is known for his movie-like production on conspiracy theory videos, and his fans have come up with a theory of their own.

Shane Dawson Andrew Siwicki
Andrew Siwicki and Shane Dawson | Noam Galai

They believe Dawson is the creator of the drama channel, Spill Spesh. Already surpassing 200,000 subscribers within nine months, fans think Dawson, along with other YouTubers Jeffree Star and Rich Lux, are behind Spill Sesh’s videos either as a social experiment or to understand the influence of these channels.

Is Morgan Adams or Shane Dawson behind ‘Spill Sesh?’

In the Spill Sesh videos, the voice narrating sounds remarkably similar to Shane Dawson’s future sister-in-law, Morgan Adams. Additionally, she dramatically decreased how often she uploads videos to her personal YouTube channel, so people thought she might have been spending her time on Spill Sesh.

However, YouTube channel Conspira Tea posted a video claiming Dawson was actually behind the videos with Jeffree Star and Rich Lux assisting him. Spill Sesh began posting videos in January; around the same time, Dawson published his conspiracy theory documentary in which he was playing around with software that emulated anyone’s voice.

He used Adam’s voice in the video as an example and even made a comment that it sounds so real it could trick people. Additionally, Spill Sesh creates very high-quality videos, a common praise for Dawson, and uses similar sound effects that the YouTuber used during his other series.

Finally, the 31-year-old has openly been interested in the chaotic drama that always surrounds the beauty community. Therefore, Dawson could be making the videos as a “large scale social experiment.”

Did Shane Dawson stage ‘Dramageddon 2’ for ‘Spill Sesh?’

When James Charles infamously accepted vitamin company SugarBearHair’s Coachella security in exchange for an Instagram ad in April 2019, it started a polarizing beef between himself, Tati Westbrook, and eventually Jeffree Star that captivated the world.

Westbrook accused Charles of using his celebrity status to engage in interactions with unwanting straight boys, and the beauty community felt like it was right to “cancel” Charles as a result.

He lost a record-breaking three million followers in only one weekend, making Star the most followed beauty guru as a result. However, Charles posted a video refuting all the rumors by admitting he’s a 19-year-old virgin, which seemed to do the trick as the controversy went away.

Then, Jaclyn Hill had her disastrous lipstick launch where consumers found black spots, hair, unidentified black spots, and what looked like mold in the product.

After initially refusing to admit anything was wrong, and then a month-long radio silence, she returned with a 19 minute video explaining she “did not have a quality-control team big enough to handle what I was doing,” and promised her fans she “fired so many people” as well as “hired so many people.”

Even though people, especially the buyers, were still irritated with her, the controversy seemed to blow over. The conspiracy is that Dawson, possibly along with Star and Lux, convinced Charles and Hill to go along with the plan in exchange for a video that will exonerate them all.

Are Jeffree Star and Rich Lux also involved with ‘Spill Sesh?’

Star has said that any publicity is good publicity and could be using that to persuade the beauty gurus to trick their followings. He could have manipulated Westbrook into exposing Charles with the promise of more money and business, as her vitamin sales soared in the wake of ‘Dramageddon 2.’

Additionally, Hill doesn’t seem worried about her massive failure. It’s almost like she’s waiting for Dawson to put out a video explaining everything to clear the mess up, or she was promised something more significant than her makeup launch.

Fans also chimed in with their opinion, claiming drama channel personality Lux is behind the channel as well, although there hasn’t been any evidence found supporting that theory.