Shaq Epically Fails to Make Dwayne Wade’s Daughter Kaavia Laugh

Since he entered the NBA in the early 90s, Shaquille O’Neal has been known as one of the most easygoing and funniest players in the league. Whether it was his role as a Hall of Fame player or his role as an analyst for the NBA on TNT, he’s always known how to keep fans laughing and smiling. 

While O’Neal has rarely had a hard time making anyone laugh, he may have faced the greatest challenge of his career as a funnyman. That challenge came in the form of his former teammate Dwyane Wade’s daughter, Kaavia. What happened to Shaq that made him unable to get a laugh out of her? 

Who is Kaavia Wade? 

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Kaavia is the daughter of Wade and his wife, actor Gabrielle Union. On a recent episode of NBA on TNT, the gang complimented Kaavia for the seriously funny face she made for a recent picture posted to Wade’s Instagram.

Host Adam Lefkoe was among those leading the charge to sing her praises for how funny she was: 

“I believe that Kaavia, in my mind, is the No. 1 internet star of quarantine and I believe that this picture right here is all of us.”

In the picture, Kaavia is sitting with her hands in her lap and a less than thrilled look on her face. It’s a funny picture, but it’s also telling.

Lefkoe’s right: As the entire country deals with the effects of a nationwide lockdown to contain the coronavirus outbreak, we ARE all Kaavia. We may put on happy faces for our families or roommates, but everyone is in the same mood: anxious and not happy to be stuck inside indefinitely.

Kaavia may not know it, but her face is the perfect representation of our current times. 

Kaavia Wade is a meme star

Of course, as with any viral picture in this era, the Wades made sure to turn Kaavia’s hilarious picture into a meme. Her dad posted it with the caption: “MOOD.” Union also posted it with the caption: “Just sitting here thinking about some questionable decisions I made from the mid-late 1990s.”

The comments were overwhelming. Followers chimed in to say how relatable Kaavia’s expression was and how it perfectly encapsulated how they’re feeling at the moment. Other users even got in on the action, turning Kaavia’s picture into their own memes. 

With Kaavia’s less-than-cheery attitude on display, it only made sense that a challenger would emerge to try to put a smile on her face. That challenger came in the form of O’Neal, Wade’s former Miami Heat teammate. 

How Shaq failed to make Kaavia laugh

Shaquille O'Neal attends the 2019 NBA Awards.
Shaquille O’Neal | Rich Fury/Getty Images

While appearing on NBA on TNT, Wade brought Kaavia into his lap, noting: “She’s never impressed. She don’t care what we do.”

O’Neal then stepped up to the plate, tell her his name was “Uncle Shaqqy” before making a series of silly faces meant to elicit a positive reaction from Kaavia. Surely, this seven-foot goofball, this world-class performer who’d acted in films like Kazaam and Blue Chips, could get a rise out of the youngest Wade? 

You might think that, but you’d be incorrect.  Kaavia simply sat there, expressionless, as her father tried to stifle his own laughter. Kaavia 1, Shaq 0. 

One thing is for sure: even though O’Neal couldn’t get a laugh out of her, Kaavia’s an internet star. Wade and Union’s online followers love the hilarious faces she makes and is sure to want more.

And more they will get: Wade and Union have started an Instagram account specifically for Kaavia pictures and videos. So even though “Uncle Shaqqy” couldn’t make her laugh, it sounds like Kaavia will be making all of us laugh for quite some time.