‘Shark Tank’: Lori Greiner Calls Out Entrepreneur for Ignoring Her and Says ‘You Don’t Respect Me as a Female’

Entrepreneurs pitch their business to sharks on Shark Tank in hopes to get someone to invest in their company. The last thing you want to do is offend someone to reach this goal.

However, there is one person who got on Lori Greiner’s bad side. Find out why she called out a man for ignoring her during his pitch and why she said he didn’t respect her as a female.

Lori Greiner calls out man for ignoring her


Physician Sarath Malepati was seen in the Nov. 3 episode to pitch a five-day immune support pack called EZC Pak. It’s meant to boost the immune system and fight viruses.

One shark that was really into the idea was Greiner. She talked about the overuse of antibiotics eventually going to make it impossible to fight off bacteria. The shark then noticed something.

“You are kind of looking at me funny. Do you agree with what I am saying or no?” she asked. Malepati answered, “No, I absolutely agree.” She went on to say that she loves natural products and when she felt like she was getting a cold she would use zinc.

Malepati wasn’t looking at her as she was talking. When she stopped he was starting to talk about zinc to the rest of the panel.

“Well, wait a minute, why are you ignoring what I am saying?” she asked. “That’s odd to me. I’m talking to you and you are looking over at Mark [Cuban.] And I’m telling you I’m into it.” He responded with, “Mark, I’m from Pittsburgh.”

This was enough for Greiner. ” Wait a minute. You know what, I’m just gonna finish,” she said. “I was the customer, I’ve been taking zinc for years, I’m a believer in this, I’m the one talking about anti-biotic resistance and how important it is. But the fact that when I am talking to you, you don’t even look at me, I’m out.”

Malepati apologized to her. She then said, “I feel like you don’t respect me as a female sitting here.” She went on to say it’s important for women to stand up for themselves and she has never reacted like this on Shark Tank. She added, “I just sense some chauvinism here.”

She also tweeted about the moment

Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec in 'Shark Tank'
Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec in ‘Shark Tank’ | Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

That wasn’t the only thing Greiner had to say about the moment. She tweeted about it during the episode.

“First he didn’t look at me and then he ignored me… twice. That’s why I said something. RT if this has happened to you #chauvinism #SharkTank,” she tweeted.

She then tweeted, “Every woman knows what it feels like to be dismissed or ignored. RT if you can relate #chauvinism #sharktank.” Greiner added, “Maybe he didn’t mean it and Mark threw him off, but I’m a firm believer in speaking up, in a respectful way, when something is not right. #SharkTank.”

Fans responded with support. One of them tweeted, “What got to me was when you were calling him out for not listening to you, he was not listening to you again, and looking at Mark. You handled it with grace, communicated clearly, controlled your emotions and spoke firmly. You held him accountable! Women kind thanks you!”

Greiner wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, and it looks like Shark Tank fans are happy about it.