‘Shark Tank’: Mark Cuban Said He Gets ‘Pitched Everywhere’ Including This Unlikely Place

Mark Cuban of Shark Tank has consistently offered advice to business owners on how to stay afloat during the pandemic. With the popular ABC reality show in its 12th season, the billionaire panelist utilizes his platform on television and social media to help guide aspiring entrepreneurs.

Apparently, the Shark Tank star hears ideas outside of the Tank, where he gets approached by potential company owners wanting to pitch their ideas regardless of where he is at the moment.

Mark Cuban of 'Shark Tank'
Mark Cuban of ‘Shark Tank’ | Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images

Mark Cuban on parenting and business

Cuban has quite the professional portfolio, which includes owning a pro basketball team, being a tech guru, producing films, and his current reign as a reality star on Shark Tank. While he’s grown accustomed to making big-number deals, Cuban admitted that nothing impacted his life as much as having children.

“It’s changed me so much; it’s night and day,” Cuban told HoopsHype in March 2020. “Your priorities change. When my kids were little, they weren’t quite people yet. They were kind of mommy’s kids and it wasn’t as impactful yet. But as they’ve gotten older… you see that they’re real people and they have real personalities and they’re unique. They’re my babies, so spending time with them has become a priority.”

The Shark Tank investor noted that his financial status allows him freedom and flexibility others may not have. Cuban can also be more selective in his business options.

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“I’m lucky because I don’t have to stress about bills,” he said. “I can set my own schedule, so I try to spend as much time with them as I can. … In terms of how it changed me from a business perspective, I look at ideas and things from the perspective of, ‘How is this going to impact my kids, and is there an opportunity there for them in the future?'”

‘Shark Tank’ pitches happen ‘everywhere’, according to Mark Cuban

As one of Shark Tank’s most sought-after investors, Cuban revealed that pitches aren’t confined to the Tank. Sometimes, he’ll hear ideas when he’s in a place he’d normally expect privacy.

“I get pitched everywhere,” Cuban remarked. “From the urinals to restaurants to Mavs games to walking down the street, you name it.”

Due to Cuban’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs, he will often listen to ideas or have them send their pitch.

“It’s easy for me to just say, ‘Email me,’” Cuban explained. “Or I’ll tell them, ‘You have 30 seconds, give me the elevator pitch.’ If it’s somebody that I think is sincere, then I’ll give them a legit response. If I think somebody is just trying to take advantage or not being sincere in some way, then I’ll just say, ‘I can’t do it.’”

What keeps Mark Cuban motivated

Perhaps Cuban’s dedication to helping those with entrepreneurial aspirations is due to his own journey. Trying to build his business in his 20s, Cuban had plenty of experience in trying to make ends meet.

“I had fun and I was loving my life, but nobody likes sleeping on the floor and not having your own closet or drawers,” Cuban said of his leaner financial days. “It was nasty.”

His own quest of grinding toward success inspires him to help those who are now walking his previous path, and continues to propel him toward new ventures.

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“That really motivated me,” the Shark Tank panelist said. “That kept me working and pushing. And since then, even on Shark Tank, it really helps me relate with entrepreneurs and it helps me recognize good entrepreneurs. The best entrepreneurs are the ones who have had their back against the wall and who have experienced failure and the worst scenarios because that motivates them. It motivated me and, now, it helps me recognize that motivation in other people as well.”