‘Shark Tank’: This Shark Was Originally Rejected By ABC After Auditioning To Be On the Panel

Season 11 of Shark Tank is now going strong much to the delight of the show’s huge fan base. The six main millionaire (and billionaire) investors – Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary – have added the title of ‘celebrity’ to their status due to the ABC reality show’s great success.

Viewers would probably be shocked to learn that one shark was turned down by the network after first trying out to be a permanent panelist in the tank.

“Shark Tank’s” Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, guest shark Rohan Oza | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

What makes this reality show a hit

While reality shows flood the airwaves and often miss the mark, Shark Tank has been able to master the genre. The sharks credit the program’s authenticity and lack of scripting as the secret sauce. “A lot of associations with reality television revolve around it not being so real,” Corcoran told Vulture. “But not us. Nothing is prompted, nothing is scripted.”

O’Leary also attributes their putting their money where their mouths are. “And it is our real money,” the millionaire – aka ‘Mr. Wonderful’ -commented. “I think this is the only show on TV where the people on the show are actually putting out their own money.” Corcoran added, “You can lose more money than you may get paid.”

Bonding over the years

Though the show often invites guest sharks to join the panel for an episode, the main six investors are mainstays on the series. Over the years they’ve formed bonds where apparently O’Leary isn’t the only one with a nickname.

“Barbara’s called Bozo,” O’Leary joked, according to Vulture. Cuban added, “We all know where our flaws are. Everybody thinks that I talk too long… But not as bad as Lori!”

Corcoran contradicted Cuban’s opinion, sharing that he is the chattiest. “I sit right next to Mark and all he does is point out how long-winded Lori is with her comments, and then always proceeds to outdo her,” she revealed.

Greiner praised John for his humor. “I’m gonna spread some love on Daymond, because this was the first year I sat next to him and I don’t think that people realize he’s hilariously funny,” she told Vulture in October 2018.
“I would be laughing so hard I couldn’t stop, and I’m sure I made the pitches like three times as long because I couldn’t compose myself.”

A surprising rejection

Despite the marked success of each investor, one who already had achieved a good deal of fame was originally turned down to be on the panel. Apparently, producers Mark Burnett and Clay Newbill wanted Cuban in the tank, but ABC rejected him. When asked why he was dropped after his audition, Cuban replied, “We won’t go there,” with a laugh.

Thankfully, ABC had a change of heart and Cuban was brought in. Corcoran recalled the NBA team owner being immediately sought out by fans. “I remember the first time I walked the red carpet with Mark,” the real estate mogul said. “The first season nobody knew us, but the third season Mark is with us. The minute we stepped on the red carpet it was all, ‘Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark!’”

Greiner reminisced about Cuban’s choice of wardrobe for the event. “We were told to dress up, look really fancy and great on the red carpet. And then there is Mark in jeans and a T-shirt,” she revealed.

With the abundant chemistry and charisma of the six investors that were ultimately chosen for the show, it’s no wonder why Shark Tank has become such a success!