‘Shark Tank’: Why Barbara Corcoran Considers Mark Cuban the Show’s ‘Biggest Man on Campus’

Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank is back on the panel for season 12. The real estate mogul is often a favorite of aspiring entrepreneurs, thanks to her business savvy and marketing expertise. 

Sometimes partnering with fellow panelist Mark Cuban, the Shark Tank star revealed why she considers him the top guy in the Tank.

Barbara Corcoran of 'Shark Tank'
Barbara Corcoran of ‘Shark Tank’ | Eddy Chen via Getty Images

Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran are ‘cut from the same cloth’

Sometimes entrepreneurs on Shark Tank get the benefit of two investors joining forces after hearing a pitch. Corcoran considers Cuban her go-to guy when it comes to partnering up for a deal.

“[It’s] because he’s buttoned-up, he does the due diligence fast, he closes the deals, he’s smart,” Corcoran raved of Cuban, according to Business Insider. “Not to take anything away from the other Sharks, who are smart in different ways — but he’s particularly smart in more ways, I think.”

Corcoran has no problem pointing out the strengths and weaknesses in herself, and feels that Cuban is a great balance when teaming up on a business venture. She also prefers his willingness to take a risk.

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“I like efficiency,” the Shark Tank star explained. “So if a deal’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. Boom. Done. And he’s cut from the same cloth. Whereas the other Sharks, I think they take a lot more time and are more thoughtful, more cautious in their deal making.”

Mutual accolades from Mark Cuban

Apparently, Cuban holds Corcoran in the same high esteem. When asked in a recent interview who he would want as a partner to start a business, he chose the real estate icon. 

“Barbara absolutely complements my skill set,” Cuban told Men’s Health. “She’s got amazing people skills, she’s got the ability to hire the right person.”

Cuban also sees where Corcoran excels at certain areas in business that aren’t his strong suit. 

“She’s got the patience to train them and support them far greater than I do,” the billionaire said. “So she would be a great complement.”

Billionaire status sets Mark Cuban apart in the Tank

Corcoran is happy with her millionaire status, yet gives Cuban extra props for being a billionaire. 

“He’s the biggest man on campus, if you think about it,” she told Business Insider in 2017. “He’s the only billionaire on set — right away that qualifies him as the biggest guy on campus, in my opinion. We’re all millionaires, measly millionaires. He’s a billionaire. That’s a big difference.”

With Cuban known as “the billionaire” on set, each Shark also seemed to find a niche as the years went on – Lori Greiner in merchandising, Kevin O’Leary as “Mr. Wonderful,” etc. Corcoran recalled some advice from executive producer Mark Burnett after season 3 which she found alleviated some pressure on expectations. 

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“‘Ignore what everybody says and be yourself,’” Corcoran remembered Burnett telling the panelists. “My shoulders went down. It was so much better to just have to be yourself, and that was great advice, and he’s the smartest guy in the whole industry. So I listened to him.”

Shark Tank airs on Friday nights on ABC.