‘Shark Tank’s’ Robert Herjavec Once Compared Wife Kym Johnson to This Superhero

Robert Herjavec of ABC’s Shark Tank recently celebrated his third wedding anniversary with Dancing With The Stars champ Kym Johnson. The couple is quite vocal about their love for each other, where Herjavec has even claimed his wife could outdo this infamous caped crusader.

Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec
Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

From dance partners to life partners

Herjavec and Johnson were paired on Season 20 of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars and had immediate chemistry. “I don’t do anything for publicity,” Herjavec told People in 2015. “From the moment I met her, I love hanging out with her. We are having a great time.”

The two wed in 2016, and shortly after Johnson announced her pregnancy in December 2017. “We waited so long that we decided to double up! We are very grateful for the blessing of twins.” the couple told People. Their son and daughter, Hudson and Haven, were born the following April.

“I’m just so happy,” Johnson told People in June 2018. “I was just hoping that the babies would be healthy… and to have two beautiful, healthy babies is the most incredible thing.” Herjavec also has three children from his previous marriage to Diane Plese – two daughters, Caprice and Skye, and a son, Brendan. 

Flying without a cape

Earlier this year, Johnson took the twins to her native Australia on her own, which had Herjavec singing her praises and even comparing her to a beloved heroine. “She’s incredible. Wonder Woman has nothing on my wife,” he told Us Weekly of his wife. “Twins flying commercial to Australia for 15 hours by herself.”

The Shark Tank star went on to describe some creative problem-solving by Johnson when it came to getting around the airport with the two toddlers. “She put one on each suitcase. They get strapped in. They’re going through the airport and they’re bouncing around perfectly,” he raved. 

Johnson posted the proof on Instagram with a pic of herself with the twins making their way through the airport. “This is how we roll. We made it,” she captioned the post.

Herjavec couldn’t resist putting the post on his own Instagram account. “There are all sorts of heroes,” he wrote. “Shout out to my amazing wife who is a superhero — flying by herself to Australia for 15 hours with (not even) 1 year old twins! Love you babe — you have far more courage and patience than me!”

Special celebration

The couple celebrated their children’s first birthday in April in Australia. Despite Hudson and Haven’s very young age, they were able to appreciate the exotic locale. “We went to Sydney. We stayed at this beautiful place right on Bondi Beach,” Herjavec said. “They loved it.”

The millionaire investor shared how they served some new food items for their twins, who had a creative way of receiving the treats. “We had some friends over. We had it in a open restaurant right next to a park and Kymmy made these smash cakes,” Herjavec revealed. “We made these smash cakes and the babies smashed them and they ate them and they were so excited. They’d never had chocolate. They’d never had ice cream and so they smashed them.”

The millionaire investor is hoping their kids pick up some traits from Johnson’s native country. “They don’t speak yet. My underlying goal was to get them to go to Australia to get an Australian accent, right?” Herjavec said. Time will tell if he gets his wish!