Sharon Osbourne Denies Calling Holly Robinson Peete ‘Ghetto’

Piers Morgan’s fierce and controversial opinion on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview kicked off a chain reaction.

Both criticism and support for the British media personality poured in, with Sharon Osbourne coming to his defense. And in the midst of that viral television moment, Holly Robinson Peete spoke out against Osbourne claiming ‘The Talk’ host once made some disparaging remarks about her. But Osbourne refutes Peete’s account.

Sharon Osbourne and Holly Robinson Peete at TCA panel for 'The Talk'
Sharon Osbourne and Holly Robinson Peete at 2010 Summer TCA panel for ‘The Talk’ | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Sharon Osbourne defended Piers Morgan on ‘The Talk’

Several heated exchanges took place in the media following the bombshell royal interview. Piers Morgan slammed Meghan Markle on his ITV show on March 8, dismissing her racism claims and her words about wanting to take her own life.

He said he was angry. Morgan went on a heated diatribe about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex trashed the royal family and called their interview “contemptible.” It’s one of many times when he’s specifically targeted Meghan.

After being called out on air the next day by fellow Good Morning Britain presenter Alex Beresford, Morgan walked off set. He then quit the show and continued to express his disdain for Meghan and Harry.

While discussing Morgan on The Talk, Sharon Osbourne defended her friend against accusations of racism. She and co-host Sheryl Underwood got into a debate over whether Morgan’s behavior was racist.

Osbourne started crying and also felt Underwood was attacking her. She immediately received backlash for the way she spoke to Underwood and for taking Morgan’s side.

Osbourne later apologized in a formal statement for her comments, and said she felt “panicked and blindsided.” She said she does not condone racism, misogyny or bullying — clearly a reference to Morgan.

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Holly Robinson Peete accused Sharon Osbourne of labeling her as ‘ghetto’

Holly Robinson Peete was one of Osbourne’s co-hosts on The Talk from 2010-2011. Amid the drama concerning Underwood, Osbourne, and the Piers Morgan racism debate, Peete chimed in about her experience with Osbourne.

In a tweet, she claimed when she was on the CBS show, Osbourne complained she was “too ghetto.” Peete implied it’s the reason behind her exit from The Talk. At the time, her departure (and Leah Remini’s) came as a surprise to fans and to Peete herself.

In a 2011 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she expressed how she didn’t know why she was axed.

“Usually when you get fired, your boss brings you in, sits you down and tells you why they can’t keep you,” Peete shared. “They say we have to downsize or you’re not doing this, you’re not doing that. I was never given that opportunity.”

After Peete’s tweet about Osbourne went viral, she clarified her statement by saying she cherished and enjoyed her time on the show. But Osbourne caught wind of Peete’s accusation.

Osbourne denies calling Peete ‘ghetto’

In an interview with Variety, Osbourne discussed her apology post and addressed Peete’s comments. She called it a lie.

“It’s an absolute lie — a 110 percent lie,” Osbourne told the outlet. “I cannot have anyone fired…And that is a not a term I use. That’s not in my vocabulary. I don’t speak like that. The only ghetto I know is the Warsaw Ghetto and I think that’s the only time I’ve ever referred to something like that.”