Sharon Osbourne Slammed John Legend and Kelly Clarkson’s Version of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Calling It ‘Ridiculous’

Sharon Osbourne isn’t a fan of changing the lyrics to classic holiday songs. The co-host of The Talk and wife of Ozzy Osbourne called out John Legend (find out his net worth here) for his remake of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” — it’s on our list of most-hated Christmas songs —  featuring his fellow coach on The Voice, Kelly Clarkson. Keep reading to learn why Osbourne doesn’t like the song from the EGOT — Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony — winner’s upcoming Christmas album, A Legendary Christmas, ahead. 

During the Nov. 4, 2019, episode of the talk show the 67-year-old shared her feelings about the remake that Legend teased in an Instagram post on Oct. 28, 2019. Her issue with the song is the change in the lyrics which have become controversial in recent years. 

Sharon Osbourne on September 28, 2017
Sharon Osbourne on September 28, 2017 | Greg Doherty/Getty Images

“What would John Legend do, if in 40 years, if somebody wanted to — you know, times change — re-record one of his songs, and there was some group that found it offensive, and somebody just went, ‘Oh, I can change the lyrics on that,’” Osbourne told her co-hosts Eve, Marie Osmond, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Sheryl Underwood according to People. 

She continued saying likening the lyric swap to changing a classic piece of art. 

“It’s, to me, like a master painting,” she said. “You go and see these beautiful nudes in museums all over the world, they’re spectacular. Would it be right for me to go and draw a bikini top on one of those nudes? It’s still an art form, it’s a piece of art,” Osbourne said.

“To change an innocent lyric, to what is it, ‘Your mind and your body?’ What the h**l are you on? That’s ridiculous,” she said before adding that she really likes Legend but doesn’t agree with his decision to switch up the lyrics. “I have to tell you, I love John Legend. I love John Legend’s wife [Chrissy Teigen], his family. He’s an amazing artist that I really respect. Why do you do this? That’s not right.”

She ended the discussion of the song with this: “The thing is if you don’t like the song, don’t record it.”

Her co-hosts chimed in with their feelings on the song. “No one’s going to paint a bigger smile on the Mona Lisa. Leave art the way it is,” Inaba said while Osmond suggested a different approach. “If you don’t like the song you can always change the channel,” she added. 

What are the changed lyrics? 

Some of the song’s original lyrics have raised questions about its meaning. Lines such as “Say, what’s in this drink?” and the conversation as a man attempts to convince a woman to stay the night after she’s repeatedly said things like, “I really can’t” and “The answer is no.” 

Those are the lines Legend changed in his new version of the Christmas classic. The new words are:  “What will my friends think? If I have one more drink? It’s your body, and your choice,” and “I really can’t stay (Baby it’s cold outside)/ I’ve gotta go away (I can call you a ride) and “My mother will start to worry (I’ll call a car and tell ’em to hurry).”

Legend’s Christmas album will be available on Nov. 8, 2019. 

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