Shay Mitchell Swears By These 3 Beauty Indulgences

Shay Mitchell is an actress who gained prominence in the early 2010s as Emily Fields in the TV series Pretty Little Liars. Since then, she has also made a name for herself in other popular shows such as You and Dollface.

In addition to being an actress, Mitchell is a popular face on social media as an influencer. She runs a YouTube channel and has an Instagram page where she occasionally shares with fans her beauty obsessions. Mitchell also recently revealed to Elle some beauty indulgences that she has.

Shay Mitchell was not always confident in herself growing up

Shay Mitchell baby at a Hulu event
Shay Mitchell | Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images

Mitchell might not seem like someone who is insecure about her looks, but the 33-year-old shared that she was not always confident in herself growing up.

“I have so many things when I was younger that I was insecure about, like having super-wavy hair, being really tan, and so many different things when I was growing up,” she told Byrdie. “I wanted to look exactly like all my best friends. They had blue eyes and blonde hair and a fairer complexion, so growing up, I’d dye my hair, I’d wear contacts, I’d stay out of the sun—everything in my power that I could do that was the opposite of what I was born with.”

At some point, Mitchell realized that it was important to appreciate her unique features and understand that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Shay Mitchell’s secret to having good hair

As a Hollywood actress, Mitchell understands that it’s crucial to keep different parts of her body in good shape. Her hair is one of her most popular features among fans, and Mitchell does have some secrets for maintaining her luscious locks.

She told Byrdie: “Honestly, it’s about air-drying as much as possible. I really wish I could give you a product, but any time I’m not working, I don’t touch my hair. I brush it once when I get out of the shower, and that’s the last time it gets brushed until I get back in my shower or somebody else does it. I don’t touch my hair ever.”

Mitchell revealed that she would occasionally put coconut oil in it, but she often tries to avoid exposing her hair to too much heat.

Mitchell has dyed her hair before, but given how damaging bleach can be, she does not do that anymore. Instead, she prefers to use wigs whenever she wants to dramatically alter her hair in any way.

“[Going blonde] damaged my hair so much, and getting back from it took forever,” Mitchell shared. “There are so many options you can use now [with wigs], like, why would I [dye my hair]? You can get an instant color change and don’t have to make a commitment.”

Shay Mitchell tries to keep her skin healthy as well

Of course, Mitchell does not spend time on just her hair. She makes sure to also take care of her skin.

In an interview with Glamour, Mitchell shared that she agrees with the usual advice to drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest, and take off one’s makeup at the end of the day. However, she did reveal to Elle recently that these things have been difficult for her to do as a busy new mother.

In any case, she does try to wear sunscreen “all the time” and exfoliate at least once a week.

Shay Mitchell’s beauty indulgences

Mitchell’s beauty routine seems quite simple most of the time, though the actress sometimes allows herself to indulge in more expensive treatments.

Speaking to Elle, she shared that she loves going to the spa, getting facials, and relaxing with a lymphatic massage from Flavia Lanini in Hollywood.