The Shocking Things Stormy Daniels Says Donald Trump Told Her About Melania and Ivanka

After months of anticipation, Stormy Daniels has finally gone into detail about her alleged affair with Donald Trump. She had previously held back from telling her story after having signed a non-disclosure agreement in October — although in January, In Touch published an old, previously unseen interview they had conducted with her in 2011. Daniels and her lawyer say that the non-disclosure agreement is not valid because Trump did not sign it, which is why she’s speaking now.

Even though we had previously heard some things about Daniels’ alleged 2006 affair with Trump, there were a number of surprising revelations in a recent interview with Anderson Cooper, including what Trump apparently said about his wife and his daughter while he was with her.

Here’s a look at the most interesting details that came out during Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview, including Trump’s alleged comments about Melania and Ivanka (pages 5 and 6).

1. She says she spanked Trump with a magazine that he was on the cover of

Stormy Daniels and Anderson Cooper

Stormy Daniels shared some disturbing details about her relationship with Donald Trump. | CBS

Daniels alleges that before she had sex with Trump in 2006, she spanked him with a magazine that he was on the cover of. Apparently, Trump spoke mainly about himself when they got back to his hotel room, asking her, “Have you seen my new magazine?” She told him, “Someone should take that magazine and spank you with it.”

Then, Daniels says she did just that. She says that from then on, he acted like a completely different person. Daniels says that she and Trump proceeded to have unprotected sex.

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2. She says she wasn’t physically attracted to Trump but that the sex was consensual

Stormy Daniels said she wasn’t attracted to Donald Trump. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Daniels says that she was not physically attracted to Trump, who is over 30 years older than her. She also says that she did not want to have sex with him.

However, she clarified that the sex was consensual and that she is not a victim of sexual assault. “I thought of it as a business deal,” Daniels said. She suggested Trump had promised her he would try to get her on The Apprentice.

On Twitter, some pundits speculated that it was this comment about not being physically attracted to Trump that might inspire the president to finally lash out at Daniels on Twitter. However, Trump remained silent after the interview aired — though he did tweet vaguely about fake news.

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3. She says Trump wanted to keep seeing her, and he never asked her to keep this a secret

Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump

She says they saw each other more than once. | Chad Buchanan/Getty Images

After they allegedly had sex, Daniels says that Trump told her he wanted to see her again and that they would discuss her appearing on The Apprentice. Despite the fact that Trump was married at the time, Daniels says that he never asked her to keep this a secret.

She also says that Trump would frequently call her, giving her updates on getting her on The Apprentice and asking when they could see each other again. Daniels says she and Trump did wind up meeting in a hotel room one more time, but they did not have sex again.

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4. She wouldn’t say whether she has evidence of the affair

Stormy Daniels Adult video awards

She refuses to confirm or deny whether she has proof of their affair. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

One of the most intriguing parts of the interview came when Cooper asked Daniels if she has evidence of the affair, whether it’s video, still images, emails, or texts. Daniels wouldn’t say one way or the other, explaining, “My attorney has recommended that I don’t discuss those things.”

But she really seemed to be implying that she does. Cooper said, “You seem to be saying that she has some sort of text message, or video, or photographs. Or you could just be bluffing.” To that, Daniels replied, “You should ask some of the other people in my career when they’ve bet on me bluffing.”

Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, has previously implied that he has evidence of the affair, tweeting out a mysterious image of a DVD and saying it’s a warning shot. He later told Today, “There will be more evidence.”

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5. She says Trump told her not to worry about Melania and that they sleep in separate bedrooms

Melania Trump and Donald Trump in Rome

Stormy Daniels says Donald Trump told her not to worry about Melania. | Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty Images

In addition to not asking her to keep the alleged affair a secret, Daniels says that Trump told her not to worry about his wife, Melania, who had given birth to their son Barron just a few months earlier. “I asked,” Daniels said. “And he brushed it aside, said, ‘Oh yeah, yeah, you know, don’t worry about that. We don’t even — we have separate rooms and stuff.'” He would have been saying this only one year after marrying Melania.

This lines up with the statements of Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model who alleges she too had an affair with Trump around the same time as Daniels. She said that Trump told her he and Melania had separate bedrooms. McDougal also said it was possible that Melania knew about their affair, although she wasn’t 100% sure.

It also calls to mind Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, which alleged that Trump and his wife sleep in separate bedrooms at the White House.

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6. She says Trump told her she reminds him of his daughter

Donald Trump kisses his daughter Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump apparently likes women who remind him of his daughter. | Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Daniels says that Trump also brought up his daughter, saying that Daniels reminds him a lot of her. He apparently said this right after Daniels had spanked him with the magazine. “He was like, ‘Wow, you — you are special. You remind me of my daughter,'” Daniels said. “You know — he was like, ‘You’re smart and beautiful, and a woman to be reckoned with, and I like you. I like you.'”

A few days prior to this interview, McDougal told CNN that Trump made a similar comment to her when they allegedly had their affair, telling her she was beautiful like his daughter.

Trump has a long history of making comments about his daughter’s physical appearance; he once said in an interview that “if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

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7. She says that after trying to sell her story to a magazine, she received a physical threat

She says she was threatened after trying to share her story. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In 2011, Daniels was planning to tell the story of her affair with Trump to In Touch magazine. That story was never published because the magazine was threatened with a lawsuit from Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney. She never ended up getting paid by In Touch.

Daniels told 60 Minutes that a few weeks after that, a man approached her in a parking lot while she was with her daughter and said, “That’s a beautiful little girl. It’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.”

Daniels says that she took this as a direct threat but that she didn’t go to the police because she was scared.

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8. She says she signed a hush agreement because she was afraid for her family

In October 2016, Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, reportedly paid Daniels $130,000 to stay silent about what she says happened between her and Trump. This apparently happened only a few weeks after the infamous Access Hollywood tape — which later got NBC host Billy Bush fired — was released.

Daniels told Cooper that she feels she could have gotten a lot more money for her story, but that she ended up signing this deal because she felt afraid for her family and their safety.

In the subsequent months, Daniels also signed a statement (which she now claims is false), denying the affair. She says she did so because “they made it sound like I had no choice.” In fact, she says that she was told, “They can make your life hell in many different ways.”

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