Should Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Join Marvel in a ‘Deadpool’ Movie?

With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dominating the box office (again) with Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw, buzz is building that he might appear in Deadpool 3

To explain what Hobbs & Shaw has to do with Deadpool 3, we have to get into some very mild spoilers for the Fast & Furious spinoff. We won’t tell anything about the story, but it’s best to read this about Ryan Reynolds and come back after you’ve seen the movie.

Reynolds and The Rock, together at last

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TIME

Reynolds makes a cameo in Hobbs & Shaw, playing Hobbs’ contact who assigns him his mission. That has tongues wagging that Johnson and Reynolds could team up again in Deadpool 3, with Reynolds wearing his very tight spandex while Johnson probably flashes his muscles, tattoos or both. 

And it just so happens that one of the tongues wagging belongs to Johnson. As reported by MovieWeb, he may be in line to play villain Garrison Kane, created by comic book artist Rob Liefeld:  

“Dearest The Rock based on reports of outstanding chemistry between you and a familiar friend, I believe the next logical step is for you to join the Marvel Universe as Garrison Kane in a future Deadpool installment. You’re a natural and Kane is already celebrated by millions of comics fans who have thrilled to his adventures since I first introduced him in X-Force #2! Your pal, Rob!”

Johnson took notice of this and responded, “Dearest Rob, thank you amigo. It’s true, in Hobbs & Shaw, I have insanely outstanding chemistry with our familiar friend. Since you created the characters, how does one Garrison Kane get alone with one (Deadpool)?”

Who is Garrison Kane?

Garrison Kane is a former member of the mercenary team belonging to Cable, who was the villain in Deadpool 2. Kane loses his limbs in battle and gets cybernetic replacements through the same program that created Deadpool. Kane was originally going to be in the first Deadpool movie, but he was cut because the studio was concerned that his arms would require more CGI than was in the budget.

That’s ironic, considering that in the trailer for Deadpool 2, one of the meta-jokes is that Cable’s CGI isn’t finished. We can clearly see around his arm the green band the visual effects would replace. This prompts a frustrated Deadpool to crack, “It’s a metal arm! It’s not like we’re trying to remove a mustache!”

That, of course, was a swipe at Justice League, which infamously and poorly used CGI to cover up the mustache Henry Cavill had grown for Mission: Impossible Fallout before he had to return for reshoots as Superman.

Is ‘Deadpool 3’ still happening?

Speculation that Johnson would join Reynolds in Deadpool 3 was fueled by an end credits scene in Hobbs & Shaw (yes, the Marvel habit is spreading) where Reynolds continues to joke around with Johnson. No reference to Deadpool is made (that would be a no-no, since Fast and Furious lives at Universal) but it does demonstrate the Johnson and Reynolds have good chemistry.

However, the future of Deadpool 3 is somewhat murky. It’s generally agreed that it will happen at some point, because even though Disney now owns Fox, Disney won’t pass up that sequel money. However, speculation continues that Disney will pass on the R-rating and go for PG-13 instead, to keep it line with the MCU. 

While there have been assurances that Disney would not mess with the formula, the concerns were stoked again this week when Variety revealed that Disney boss Bob Iger was highly displeased with the poor performance of Fox, whose flops included Stuber, The Art of Racing in the Rain and especially Dark Phoenix. Only the faith movie Breakthrough turned a profit.

Even so, we would be surprised if Disney neutered Deadpool to PG-13. If Disney is looking to make up for the losses, Deadpool 3 at an R-rating would be one way to make back the lost money.

A PG-13 could conceivably hurt the franchise, although Fox did try it with the Once Upon a Deadpool re-edit of the second movie. And with Johnson’s box office bona-fides in the mix, that makes it more likely that Disney won’t fix what isn’t broken.