Should Jessa Duggar Prepare for Another Difficult Birth As the Due Date for Baby No. 3 Nears?

Many of the Duggar family members are pregnant these days. And while Joy-Anna, Amy, and Anna Duggar just recently announced their pregnancies, Jessa and Ben Seewald announced they were expecting their third child this spring back in January. Now, spring is here — and we’ve been getting Instagram updates from the Seewalds for months as they prepare their household for yet another little one.

Jessa and Ben are beyond excited for another baby, as they’ve stated before they want as many children as God will allow them to have. But should Jessa anticipate another difficult home birth as the due date approaches? Here’s what we know.

Jessa just added a new video of her growing baby bump

In anticipation of baby No. 3, Jessa recently added a video of her growing bump to Instagram — and it has a super sweet caption to go with it. “Watching Spurgeon anticipate the arrival of his new sibling has got to be one of the sweetest parts of this pregnancy,” she wrote. “Henry will pat my belly sometimes and say ‘Baby!’ because he sees us do that, but I don’t think he truly comprehends what’s about to take place. … Little less than a month to go!”

Adding another baby to the family is certainly nerve-wracking for any parent, but Ben and Jessa are happier than ever that they’re expecting. They both told People in a statement that they think they’ll be having another boy, but they’d be overjoyed to have their first little girl, too. And after the birth of this baby, we can certainly anticipate more baby Seewalds in the future as well. Ben and Jessa have stated they’ve looked into adoption and would love to foster kids.

She’s had notoriously difficult births in the past

It’s a miracle that Michelle Duggar was able to have 19 children given how difficult some of her births were, and it seems that’s a trait that’s passed on to her daughters. As Jessa told People regarding the birth of her firstborn, Spurgeon, “It was very intense, very long. Everything was different than I expected.” And while she did successfully give birth at home following 10 hours of contractions, she was eventually rushed to the hospital due to excessive bleeding.

“I had dreamed about those first moments, getting to breastfeed right away, all that. And so when I had to go to the hospital, it was a shock,” she told People. Once at the hospital, Jessa then had to undergo a blood transfusion and stay there overnight until she regained her health.

Giving birth to her second son, was a much easier ordeal. While Jessa told People that “labor is labor,” so it was still difficult, there were far fewer fires to put out with Henry’s birth. And given how much easier it was the second time, it’s highly likely that Jessa will opt for another home birth for baby No. 3.

Will the birth of baby No. 3 be tough, too? It seems like it might be

Given how much easier Henry’s birth was than Spurgeon’s, Jessa may think she’s a seasoned veteran at giving birth now, so baby No. 3 should be easy. It seems she may want to anticipate a similar experience she had with her firstborn, however. At 31 weeks pregnant, People reports Jessa said her current baby bump is bigger than it was during her second pregnancy (though not as large as her first). And she also said she was getting heartburn — something she experienced during her first pregnancy with Spurgeon as well.

Jessa doesn’t seem deterred by some of the similarities she’s seeing in her current pregnancy with her first, however. If anything, she’s OK with the heartburn, as she noted that it could mean the baby will be born with lots of hair like Spurgeon was. As for if Jessa and Ben will go for another home birth, it seems likely, as that’s a common choice for the Duggar women no matter how difficult the laboring may be. Either way, we can’t wait to meet the third Seewald child!

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