Should Khloe Kardashian Take a Much-Needed Break From Social Media?

Social media can become one person’s worst enemy, even if the person posting isn’t famous. We’ve seen our share of how lives become ruined from just one controversial post that goes viral. When the Kardashians say something controversial, it’s sometimes an atom bomb explosion in comparative social media terms.

Then again, because the Kardashians are known for being self-promotional and controversial, some people likely ignore their social postings or accept them for what they are.

That isn’t always good for them, especially Khloé Kardashian who does social media influencing. Recently, many of her life situations and posts have irked her followers, making many wonder if she should take a break until things cool down in her life.

Posting an inexplicable quote

Exhibit A in Khloé’s social media meltdown is a recent quote she posted on her Instagram account that had everyone baffled. It was a “Love Thy Neighbor” meme saying you should show love to everyone, even racists.

During a time when racism is more than a little blatant in our country, this didn’t go over well with the masses. While the message was heartfelt in bringing a biblical “love your enemy” philosophy, the timing wasn’t necessarily good for the times we’re living in.

She deleted the post because of the brouhaha. However, the flow of controversial posts kept coming.

Posting photos of her daughter True in Birkin bags

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♡ Nothing can change this love ♡

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Despite most to all of the Kardashians often flaunting their wealth, blatantly doing so with their children isn’t typically the norm. Once Khloé decided to post pics of her daughter (True) sitting inside expensive Birkin handbags, another critical tidal wave hit.

Most people thought True should be interacting with more normal baby things like preschool toys rather than posing in a handbag often going for a quarter of a million dollars.

Others came to Khloé’s defense and said the Birkin bags were just a prop to create cute pics of True. Considering we’re living in more sensitive times on the rich/poor disparity, you can still argue it wasn’t the best choice.

Khloé’s irksome posts didn’t stop there. A tweet response she made to a fan clinched the blind disparity between the wealthy and the middle class.

Praising a fan for buying her jeans

On March 15, a fan posted they’d have to work extra shifts in their job to afford buying a pair of jeans made by Khloé’s company. Latter responded with a “this is so cute” response, bringing yet another barrage of criticism about being tone deaf to the financial disparity.

Now we wonder if it’s Khloé to blame, the times we live in, or because she’s such an easy target due to her recent scandals.

We can’t imagine it’s anything to do with her scandals since most of her fans have her back on the Tristan Thompson debacle. Most likely, it’s the growing anger about how the Kardashians are sometimes ostentatious about their wealth without apologies.

Despite Khloé shutting off her Instagram comment section, we’re in agreement she should probably step away from social media for a while.

Remembering what life was like before social media

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Take a minute to look back 25-30 years right before the internet and social media became embedded into our lives. Some of you may argue we were a lot better off in those days. All we had to connect with other people were our own families, neighbors, writing letters, or phone calls.

These communication methods helped keep us more civilized and not sharing everything about ourselves on universally read public pages. Then again, social media has also helped us connect in positive ways and in real-time.

One thing about audiences following Kardashian social media is the former are quick to forget things. With a heavy news cycle, stepping away for six months or a year can make a big difference in refreshing one’s social media approach.

For Khloé Kardashian, going away for just one month would be the equivalent to a year the way the world works today.