Should Kim Kardashian Apologize to Taylor Swift?

Those who choose to be in good standing with the Kardashians are those who’ve probably known them a while and realize there’s more there than what Keeping Up with the Kardashians shows us. This isn’t to say they don’t have some enemies, or those who just automatically assume they make up the shallow side of Hollywood.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian aren’t exactly close friends | Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Taylor Swift’s relationship with the Kardashians is by remote association with Kanye West and the infamous time he interrupted Swift’s speech at the 2009 MTV VMA’s.

According to Kim Kardashian, their feud is seemingly over. However, everyone wonders if Taylor wants an overdue apology after re-referencing a bullying comment Kim made on social media in 2016.

Taylor’s “Snake” reference

Swift won’t be 30 years old until December, though it didn’t stop Elle from letting her write up a 30th birthday life/love lessons piece. The 30 rules to live by to make a happier life are things just about anyone can use, no matter your age or gender.

As you read through each lesson, though, you can see hints of Taylor revisiting bad things from her past. Number 27 is particularly notable because it references how she’s survived bullying.

Swift references “someone” once started a social bullying campaign against her by calling her a snake. This “someone” was Kim Kardashian who felt like Taylor was unreasonable in not accepting a clearance on a rap song Kanye West wrote about their prior beef.

A look back to the song ‘Famous’

Go back several years, and you may remember when Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo song Famous was the talk of the music industry. He had some overly frank references about Taylor in his lyrics that raised a lot of eyebrows. You may remember this particular line:

“Feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ Why? I made that bitch famous.”

According to Kanye at the time, he had a conference call with Taylor about the lyrics. She supposedly agreed to them, even if Taylor said later she didn’t agree to the use of calling her a “bitch.”

Kim Kardashian then leaked the audio of the conference call on her Snapchat account with off-handed references to calling Taylor a snake.

Now you know what Taylor is talking about in her life lessons. Despite saying she used a lighthearted approach to deal with it, she now insinuates she hoped for an apology.

Should there still be an apology?

While Kardashian has said she’s been long over any feud with Taylor, it’s clear the “snake” incident still haunts the latter. Her reference to wishing for a Kim and Kanye apology at the time at least led to Swift making light of it during her subsequent tour. There was even use of a 63-foot inflatable cobra during her live shows as a form of comedic defense.

The chances of an apology all this time later seem unlikely when Kim clearly said she wants to just forget about it. No doubt she has regrets, though, acting a bit vindictive about Taylor planning to sue over the Famous reference. Some people on social media still criticize Kim’s actions.

At the same time, this sort of sets a precedent in motion for how to deal with social media bullying. It’s a bit alarming to think Kim Kardashian joined the social media craze of bullying someone else. Nonetheless, we can only hope non-famous people take Taylor’s approach to heart.

We all know social media bullying is still a problem

From all indications, Kim and Kanye have both matured significantly in just the last few years. If you can argue they overstepped their power boundaries during that brief period, a lot has happened in their life to look more grounded now than nearly any other celebrity.

As for Taylor, her life lessons piece sets up a template on how to prosper amid hardships and bullying. Because social media bullying continues unabated, let’s hope her fans well under 30 know how to prepare themselves psychologically when facing a bullying barrage on places like Snapchat.