Should Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Do Another Movie Together?

This year was chock full of musical masterpieces. While Rami Malek may have slayed as Freddie Mercury, fans can’t overlook Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut A Star is Born. The Oscar-nominated film had a chance at eight awards, but it only took home one, Best Song. That doesn’t matter though. The film has already bred a fandom that needs more Cooper and Gaga

‘A Star is Born’ is a resounding success

Despite not shining at the Oscars, Cooper’s romance film is still a resounding success. The film has 63 awards wins under its belt and has brought in over $425 million at the box office.

Why so successful? Lady Gaga and Cooper had undeniable chemistry on set. So much so that rumors began spreading of the two being more than just friends. There are also plenty of fans who want the two to be an official couple, despite Cooper already being in a relationship.

Hollywood fans know chemistry on set can easily translate to a real-world connection. Just look at what happened with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie! Even if fans won’t get to see the two as a couple in real life, perhaps the pair will reunite on the big screen in the future.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have chemistry off the set too!

It’s very clear that Gaga and Cooper have become an inseparable pair thanks to the time they spent together filming A Star is Born. It’s something anyone can see whenever the two are together! Just look at what happened during and after the Shallows performance for The Academy Awards. During the performance, intimacy was in the air and the final moment when Cooper joined Gaga at the piano was pretty much a romantic’s dream.

The love didn’t stop there though. Gaga gushed about Cooper during her acceptance speech and continued to do so on public appearances made after the fact. She’s also given more than her fair share of compliments towards the fellow actor before the pivotal awards show. Clearly, Gaga just can’t stop talking about how amazing the experience was.

Lady Gaga always wanted to shine on the silver screen

Gaga loved working alongside Cooper and it shows! She’s also always had a love for the big screen, so another movie with Cooper isn’t very farfetched. The Born This Way singer just didn’t think she had what it took to shine on screen. Thankfully, Cooper proved her wrong. Gaga has a handful of acting credits, mostly for her music videos, but she has managed to steal the show when given the chance.

Her first notable part was as La Camaleón in Machete Kills, but it was her role as The Countess in American Horror Story that really showed her talent. Hopefully her riveting performance in AHS and her award-winning performance in A Star is Born will get her the notoriety she needs to advance as an actress!

Should Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga make another movie together?

Everyone knows Gaga would be onboard for another movie with Cooper. After all, he challenged her and brought the best out of her for the world to see. But what about Cooper? How would he feel about starring alongside the Oscar-winning singer? 

It certainly wouldn’t be Cooper’s first rodeo. He starred in four films with Jennifer Lawrence so clearly he’s not shy about sharing the spotlight. Cooper and Lawrence also shared chemistry, one that was spotted after they appeared in the Silver Linings Playbook in 2012. Following the film’s success, the duo appeared in American Hustle in 2013, Serena in 2014, and Joy in 2015. 

Considering the popular films that came from the chemistry between Cooper and The Hunger Games starlet, more films featuring this new talented duo could be on the horizon. They’ll just be kept a secret for the time being.