Should the Kids of the College Admissions Scandal Apologize to Everybody?

With all the public blame being centered on Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman for their college admissions scandal, it temporarily takes away focus on whether the kids were also involved. After all, some clues are out there about the kids of each parent possibly having knowledge of the scheme all along.

Whether they really did or not, how should they respond to this scandal? Should we expect them to say anything based on their ages?

When you add Loughlin’s daughter (Olivia Jade Giannulli) to the mix, it becomes a little more problematic on what she’s said and her present actions.

Did the kids really know about the scandal?

One thing about insidious crimes like this college admissions scheme is it’s easy for others to say they didn’t know anything illegal was going on. Friends of each family (including Kyle Richards) say they know many of the people indicted, yet also say they had no idea the scheme was occurring.

It’s possible variations on this were going on for decades in Hollywood without anybody saying anything. If we can give the benefit of the doubt to friends of the family not knowing all the details, what can we say about the kids?

A lot of basic consensus says the kids didn’t know their parents were conducting this scheme under the table. Maybe not all of them did, but what kind of clues did Olivia Jade leave to make a few think otherwise?

Olivia Jade’s scrutinized actions

Going back to study the comments Olivia Jade made on her YouTube channel and Twitter account over the last year seems a tug-of-war of genuineness and ignorant privilege.

On one particular occasion, she pointed out she wasn’t really into learning at USC and was just there to enjoy parties. Afterward, she apologized for insinuating she wasn’t grateful for the opportunity.

Many might twist it to think she was fully aware of how she got there, even if the jury’s still out. What made this more strange, though, is the news of Olivia Jade being on a yacht owned by the chairman of USC’s Board of Trustees (Rick Caruso) at the very moment her mom was being indicted in a courtroom. Some found painful irony in this when you remember the lie behind her admission was being a recruit for USC’s rowing team.

Keep in mind Olivia did return home after discovering the news about her mom, and Caruso called out the guilty parties involved.

One kid from the sidelines is already speaking out

Let’s not forget 40 other people are being charged in this college admissions debacle. Marketing executive Jane Buckingham is one of them, and her son Jack made a statement recently to the media:

“I know there are millions of kids out there both wealthy and less fortunate who grind their ass off just to have a shot at the college of their dreams. I am upset that I was unknowingly involved in a large scheme that helps give kids who may not work as hard as others an advantage over those who truly deserve those spots.”

Jane Buckingham’s daughter, Lilia, only thanked people for their support on Twitter. So far, her brother is the only one to make any public apology about what happened.

Those on social media weren’t very kind to Jack’s statement, particularly because he still had an ACT score when he reportedly didn’t take an ACT. His comment of not knowing what was going on is now as much up for debate as Olivia Jade’s words.

Now everyone waits to see what will happen next. Reports already indicate that Lori Loughlin’s two daughters are leaving USC due to fears of bullying.

Collective apologies may not occur for a long time

Lori Loughlin with her kids
Lori Loughlin’s kids | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

The legal complexity of this scandal is likely going to take a couple of years to settle. As a result, we don’t expect anyone to apologize until doing media interviews after further investigation, or completed prison time.

Olivia Jade is already losing her influencer brands, and the same thing will probably happen to the other kids with influencer careers. Once they’re left with nothing, the apologies might come sooner so America can go about processing yet more complex contrition from Hollywood.