Should Thor’s Story Have Ended in ‘Avengers: Endgame’?

What happens to Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now a big question mark as fans prepare for the next Thor movie (Love and Thunder). Perhaps Natalie Portman will be the real thunder in that film and nearly steal the film away from Chris Hemsworth. Or, they may be on an equal playing field.

At this point, no one knows since the film has yet to go into production. Fans, though, are speculating on whether having Thor come back is a bit anticlimactic.

Case in point is it seems Thor redeemed himself at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Going beyond that point might be considered pointless, unless used as a bridge for Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster.

What are fans saying about Thor’s arc?

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth | James D. Morgan/Getty Images

To throw a little chortle into the mix, someone on Reddit recently answered the question over whether Thor completed his MCU arc. Said the user: “Thor is 1500 years old and only in his midlife. Still lots of story to tell.”

Perhaps that is a good argument, yet when put in the context of good storytelling, it may not add up entirely. The inspiring send-offs of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are now a part of cinematic folklore.

With Thor, it seems like he might be lingering a little too long in the mix. Despite Chris Hemsworth making it clear he wants to play Thor for as long as possible, is there really more story to tell there?

Maybe there is since the story alone of passing on Mjolnir to Jane Foster can have its own complicated storyline. Part of this can go beyond how he passes the hammer to her and into how he later gets it back.

Is the saga of Thor on a reset?

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Another user on Reddit above posted a piece from Screen Rant recently noting Thor’s arc had a bit of a reset after having a weak introduction in his first and second movies.

The theory is, Ragnarok reset the Thor story in motion, essentially giving him a new trilogy to make up for things. Thinking about his story this way does make sense, if just more likely going on how contracts work out. According to Games Radar, Hemsworth’s contract with Marvel was extended.

If this idea holds up, will Love and Thunder be his swan song? It may not necessarily be since one might expect Thor will want Mjolnir back after Jane Foster steps in for him in this film.

What everyone wants to know is why Jane steps in for him in the first place. Is Thor worn out and wants to give up his superhero duties? After experiencing PTSD and other significant physical deterioration post-Infinity War, the God of Thunder may simply be tired of trying to save the world from villains.

The MCU could always cameo Thor

Considering Thor can live for thousands of years, it does open up a lot of possibilities of him coming back in the future for cameos. Most MCU analysts predict he will become a part of the new Avengers team, or at least show up in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Afterward, the sky is the limit on potential appearances since he probably will not die. Just like everyone knows Hulk is still out there, however, cameos may not always be in the cards.

Yet, how someone like Hulk and Thor can stay hidden within the Marvel world without showing up eventually is another thing. For superheroes like Hawkeye (who can retire and look like a normal human), Hulk and Thor would probably be stopped everywhere they go to ask why they gave up being an Avenger.