Shows To Watch If You Liked ‘Dead To Me’ (And Where to Stream Them)

If you’re among those who binged their way through Netflix’s dark comedy/mystery Dead to Me, chances are, you did it really, really fast. So what’s next? Well, Season 2 is in the works, but in the meantime, you can check out the four series below. We have a feeling they’ll hit the spot.

Big Little Lies

This is definitely the series that most will associate with Dead to Me. HBO’s Big Little Lies is also about solving a murder mystery involving women in a wealthy Southern California community. Both feature acclaimed actors and actresses, and both make the rest of us feel a little angry at the rich people in their giant houses who can’t help but create problems for themselves.

If you’re one of those whose fascinated with this subgenre, be warned that Big Little Lies is much less of a dark comedy than Dead to Me. It’s pretty much a straightforward drama, the marvelous ocean views taking a backseat to the twists and turns of the Monterey 5. Just like with Dead to Me, though, make sure you avoid spoilers at all costs. It’s much more fun that way. Oh, and you’ll need an HBO subscription to solve this mystery.

Russian Doll

If dark comedy is really your thing, Russian Doll might be your speed. There’s still a mystery to solve here, but the “dead” character is the one who has to figure it out. If that’s confusing, let us explain this fun yet slightly disturbing premise.

Russian Doll stars Natasha Lyonne (Orange Is the New Black) as Nadia, a programmer living in Brooklyn who dies one night — but then ends up back at her own birthday party hours earlier. She lives in this time loop for the entire season, slowing revealing the secret to her survival. 

Check out the first season of the series, co-created by Amy Poehler, on Netflix. Season 2 is on its way.


First things first: Yes, there’s a Gossip Girl reboot on the way. But no, this isn’t it, despite You featuring a very Dan Humprey-meets-Patrick Bateman Penn Badgely. The GG actor revisits this Brooklyn roots to play another kind of literary Lonely Boy — one with a much darker past.

There’s not much to say about You without giving anything away, but it’s full of the usual mysterious fake-outs and big reveals. We can say that, like Gossip Girl, the series touches on the negative side of technology, especially when it comes to privacy. Nothing is a secret anymore.

Season 1 of You is available to stream on Netflix. The series, which originally aired on Lifetime during its first season, has been purchased by the streaming service, so Season 2 will be exclusively available there.

Better Things

Back into the dark comedy genre, we have Better Things. This is another series about a Southern California mom just doing her best for her kids. But while there are plenty of dramatic moments, this show finds the funny in everything.

After all, Sam (star and creator Pamela Adlon) is a comedic actress working in Hollywood. She’s raising her three daughters primarily on her own, and it’s going — OK. The series has been hailed for its writing and acting, especially when it comes to Adlon, who has mined her own experiences as a divorced mother for the show.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Better Things are available to stream with a Hulu subscription. Season 3, which aired in 2019, is thus far only available to those with a cable login on the FX app or website. A fourth season is due out in 2020.

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