Shows to Watch If You Like ‘Veronica Mars’ (And Where to Stream Them)

A long time ago, Veronica Mars used to be TV. And we thought of her as a friend. Now, she’s returning, but if you’ve already finished your rewatch and need something to do while you wait for Season 4, we’ve got you covered. Check out these four series.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

There’s little doubt that Veronica Mars creator was at least a little inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After all, two of the show’s main cast members, Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase) and Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg) had recurring roles in Veronica Mars’ original run. What’s more, the series, about a high school girl who is responsible for a lot more than most teenagers her age, has a similar theme.

But that’s where the apparent similarities end. Buffy, which has been hailed many times as one of the greatest series ever made, follows the eponymous protagonist as she upholds her duties as the Chosen One, equipped with abilities that make her a match for the supernatural creatures of the world. 

Though one is fantasy and one is more of a dark take on the real world, both series feature strong young women as protagonists and influenced feminism on TV as we know it. All seven seasons are available to stream on Hulu

Jessica Jones

Girl detective? Check. Neo-noir look and feel? Check. Krysten Ritter? Also, surprisingly, check. If you watched Season 2 of Veronica Mars, you’ll recognize the actress who plays Jessica Jones. But this time, she’s the opposite of Gia Goodman: Cynical, gruff, and super-powered.

Jessica Jones is like if the worlds of Buffy and Veronica Mars were combined. It’s a fantasy world featuring many elements of the supernatural, but it’s more grounded in realism. The titular heroine isn’t so much someone who seeks out danger, but rather it comes as an occupational hazard of being a private eye who also has super strength. 

Sadly, the series, along with the rest of those surrounding other Marvel heroes, came to a close recently. You can still stream all three seasons of Jessica Jones on Netflix until further notice.


Thomas went on to create another series about a blonde crime-solver airing on the CW. iZombie follows Liv, a medical resident whose life changes when she’s one of the first people in Seattle to be affected by an outbreak of a zombie virus. She takes a job at a morgue in order to lay low, but how long can she keep her secret?

Like Veronica Mars, iZombie features plenty of “mysteries of the week,” as well as over-arching season-long plots. You’ll also recognize a few familiar faces from Veronica Mars make their way onto the series, which is finishing out its fifth and final season this summer. 

At present, Seasons 1-4 of iZombie are available to watch on Netflix. Season 5 is still in progress. After the final episode airs on Aug. 1, 2019, we expect Season 5 will find its way to Netflix as well. 

The Good Place

OK, this series has a very different premise than Veronica Mars. However, if you found yourself charmed by actress Kristen Bell over and over again on the series, you may want to tune into her latest project.

The Good Place airs on NBC. The series is about a woman, Eleanor (Bell) who finds herself in a picture-perfect afterlife, despite having not been the best person while on Earth. We can’t tell you much, because the twists are the best part of the show, but suffice to say it’s a lot of fun.

This one is a bit more difficult to watch in full. The first two seasons are on available to stream on Netflix. We assume that Season 3 will be added on in either September (when the past two have become available) or when the fourth and final season begins airing (probably not until 2020). 

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