Fans of ‘The Simpsons’ Are Outraged Over the Firing of Composer Alf Clausen

The composer of The Simpsons has been fired after 27 years of work, and fans are now expressing their outrage over the news.

Variety first reported that Clausen had been fired late on Wednesday, with the composer subsequently linking to the article on Twitter and confirming its accuracy. No official reason for the decision was made available, but Variety suggested it was probably to save money; Clausen used a 35-piece orchestra every week, and this cost millions of dollars.

But fans feel that The Simpsons will lose something without Clausen, especially if the show ditches the orchestra entirely.

Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy and fan of The Simpsons himself, expressed the same sentiment, saying he really hopes the orchestra is kept around.

Fans were also not happy with the way that Clausen was fired. According to Variety’s report, he suddenly received a call from a Simpsons producer saying that Fox wants a “different kind of music,” and that was that.

“Twenty-seven years,” Reddit user NextChamp wrote. “The man worked with this show for 27 years. Made countless pieces of music for the show. And help co-write some of the best songs we will love to this day. And what did he get for almost thirty years of hard work? A simple phone call telling him he’s done. What a slap to the face. F*** this show.”

Over on /r/TheSimpsons, a subreddit for Simpsons fans, the most popular image of the day was a meme suggesting that those at Fox are out of touch with what’s wrong with the series.

So long, Alf Clausen. from TheSimpsons

And those who were not actively outraged about the firing were just sad about it.

“The music has been one of the best and most consistent things about the show from day 1,” Reddit user __WayDown wrote. “This is really disappointing.”

At the same time, some felt that the change was justified considering how expensive Clausen’s orchestra was and considering that the show is now pulling in about four million viewers per episode compared to 14 million viewers at its peak.

“Makes sense that having a full 35 piece orchestra isn’t viable anymore with such massive drop-offs (not to mention electronic composing has advanced light-years in the past 28 years),” Reddit user Stepwolve wrote.

Alf Clausen at the Screen Music Awards in 2016.

Alf Clausen at the Screen Music Awards in 2016. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Simpsons will return in October for Season 29. It’s not yet clear who the replacement for Alf Clausen will be.