Sin City? Jana Duggar Shocks ‘Counting On’ Fans With Trip to Las Vegas

Duggar gone wild? Jana Duggar raised some eyebrows on Jan. 30 when she shared an update on her trip to Las Vegas with friend Laura DeMasie. A few of her Instagram followers were more than a bit surprised to hear that the Counting On star was spending time in Sin City. But Jana, who turned 30 Jan. 12, wasn’t in Vegas to gamble. Instead, she was checking out the latest trends in home decor and design. 

Jana Duggar was at the Las Vegas Market  

Jana, along with her close friend Laura, were in Nevada for the Las Vegas Market, a multi-day trade show for professionals in the home and gift industry. Laura has a job at a home decor wholesaler in Georgia. 

“Such a pleasure seeing gorgeous product designs by artisans from around the world!” Jana wrote on Instagram. “I still have a lot to learn but I am so blessed to have met and learned from so many designers and inspirational entrepreneurs this week!”

Lately, Jana has been stretching her design muscles. She completely redecorated her parents’ bedroom and is renovating an old school building with the help of her siblings. Her various projects, which she’s been documenting on social media, have some fans calling her the next Joanna Gaines. Some have even suggested that the oldest Duggar daughter should get her own HGTV show. 

Some people were shocked that Jana was in Las Vegas 

Las Vegas sign
Welome to Las Vegas sign | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Many commenters on Instagram were excited to see that Jana was exploring a big city. A few even wondered if she might be considering starting her own business.

“New business venture ?? Whatever it is you’ll do wonderful,” commented a supportive fan.

“Good! Learn to be independent,” wrote one. “You are a smart woman. Your future is in your hand and in your hands alone.”

However, a few were shocked that she was in Vegas at all. “Sin City?” commented one. 

“I’m surprised you’re allowed to go to ‘sin city,’” another chimed in.

This isn’t the first time Jana’s visited the city 

While a hanful of people were surprised to learn that Jana, whose family is famously conservative, was in Vegas, it’s not actually her first visit to the city. In October, she visited the botanical garden at the Ethel M Chocolates Factory while on a trip with her family. 

The Duggar family also visited the biggest city in Nevada more than a decade ago, a trip documented in the 2006 TV special On the Road with 16 Children (when they also visited the chocolate factory). 

While Vegas his known for its casinos and other not-entirely-wholesome attractions, the city has worked hard to shed its Sin City image. 

“Now you have seen how there is so much more to Vegas than just gambling and partying…I wish more people would know all that it has to offer,” commented one person on Jana’s post. 

Jana didn’t seem to have any trouble finding ways to stay busy during her time in Las Vegas. On her Instagram Story, she shared a video of the lobby of the Bellagio, as well as a photo of her meal at Bruxie, a restaurant known for its fried chicken and waffle sandwiches, and views of some of the city’s landmarks, like the Paris casino. As for whether Jana took a chance at the tables or the slot machines, she didn’t say, but we wouldn’t bet on it.