‘Sister Wives’: A Brown Family Insider Alleges that Meri Brown is Actively Dating

Fans think that Kody Brown and plural marriage has been bringing first wife Meri Brown down, and they might not be wrong. The famed first wife of Kody has been caught up in a plethora of drama in recent years, and much of it centers around her love life. While Meri remains spiritually married to Kody, she is no longer his legal wife. Kody put the kibosh on their legal marriage so he could legally wed his fourth wife, Robyn. Shortly thereafter Meri was caught up in a cheating scandal that allegedly rocked the family to its core, but it may not have dissuaded Meri from finding love and affection outside or her plural marriage. An insider alleges Meri is back on the dating market but is trying to keep it low key.

Is Meri Brown dating?

Kendra Pollard-Parra, a former friend of Kody’s now-legal wife, Robyn spilled the dirt to In Touch. She claims that Meri has been actively seeking men to date and has been seen around town with several suitors. She went on to allege that Meri is particularly challenging to get along with and doesn’t take criticism well. her difficulty in taking criticism may be what pushed her away from the plural family. Third wife, Christine has been especially critical of the 48-year-old mother of one.

For fans who are waiting for Meri to go public with a new beau, the wait is going to be a long one. Pollard-Para claims that Meri can’t be seen with another man because it will break the family’s reality television contract, and both Meri and the plural family need the income. She noted that Meri is going to hang on to the family for as long as possible.

Is Meri Brown happier without her family around?

While rumor has it that Meri only hangs out with the wives and Kody when the show is being filmed, many fans have suggested Meri looks absolutely thrilled when she is away from the group. It is a stark contrast to her often-sullen attitude when she is shown onSister Wives.

The sister wife is currently on a LuLaRoe cruise to Puerto Rico and looks absolutely glowing, according to Newsweek. While it is believed that Christine, wife number 3, is also on the trip, it appears the pair have actively avoided each other for the duration of the vacation.

Will Meri leave the family and move back to Utah?

While Meri may be putting herself out there while still in a plural marriage, the 48-year-old television star and businesswoman will likely leave the family sooner or later according to the former family friend. In a previous exclusive interview with In Touch, Pollard-Parra alleges that Kody spends the lion’s share of his time with his legal wife, Robyn. She also claimed Brown, 50, is actively seeking new wives to add to the ever-expanding family.

Meri recently opened an inn in Utah and has a successful LuLaRoe business. With two thriving businesses, Meri could undoubtedly leave the family without much trouble. After all, there isn’t much keeping her tied to the group other than the reality show. Meri’s only child, Mariah has recently moved to Chicago with her fiancé, Audrey Kriss. Mariah,23, is pursuing a graduate degree in the Windy City.