‘Sister Wives’: A Year After Listing Her Home, Christine Brown is Now Desperate to Sell

Christine Brown, one of the wives who was eerily calm about the move to Flagstaff, is incredibly motivated to sell her Vegas pad. The mother of six is the only Sister Wives star that owns a home in Flagstaff, and she also happens to be the only wife whose Vegas house is refusing to sell. Now, the 47-year-old third wife of Kody Brown has relisted the property at $100,000 less than its original asking price.

Why is Christine Brown’s home proving hard to sell?

Meri, Janelle, and Robyn have all managed to sell their Vegas homes. Robyn’s home sold back in February 2019, while Janelle and Meri’s homes sold in April and May 2019, respectively. Christine’s house, however, has been hanging out on the market since July 2018, and things are starting to look bleak.

According to The Balance, the average home sells in around 65 days, and the longer a home sits on the market, the worse the situation can become. Not only is the house unoccupied and unused, but a potential buyer can see how long a home has been on the market. An extended listing period could indicate a problem with the property, which could turn prospective buyers off.

Heading into the heat of the summer in Vegas won’t help the property’s desirability, either. The summer months are generally slow for home sales, as people go on vacation and don’t want to trudge through stuffy properties in the sweltering heat. Spring is the most popular time of year for homebuyers, but the spring has come and gone for Christine’s property.

Are the Browns desperate for liquid cash?

Compounding the property issue is the Brown family’s lack of funds. While Kody was all for moving to Flagstaff, it is clear he didn’t think the money aspect of the move through. With four Vegas properties still in his possession, the family patriarch plunked down over $800,000 for a piece of land that was undeveloped. Add in three monthly rent payments, the cost of moving, and the mortgage on Christine’s home, and the family is a bit cash poor these days.

In fact, the Brown family is struggling to pay the taxes they owe on their current plot of land. Robyn Brown has also shuttered her online jewelry business, meaning there is one less income going into the family’s bank account.

Why did Christine buy a house in Flagstaff?

While wives, Robyn, Janelle, and Meri are all currently residing in rental properties while they plot out what they’ll do with the undeveloped land they purchased, Christine Brown is sitting pretty in a home she bought. Her Flagstaff house was purchased in September 2018 for $520,000.

Kody and Christine’s names are on the paperwork for the home, but apparently, Kody isn’t spending much time there. In fact, rumor has it the patriarch is only sleeping at Robyn Brown’s rental house. So, why did Christine buy instead of rent?

Rumor has it the mother of six couldn’t find a workable rental property. While Janelle, Meri, and Robyn all found rentals that would work in a pinch, Christine had a difficult time locating one willing to take on her pets. Instead of continuing to search for a place to live, they decided to purchase a house. The choice is one fans have questioned since it went down. After all, if the family is planning to relocate to their plot of land soon, purchasing a home hardly seems like a necessity. Especially considering their Vegas properties proved rather hard to unload.